Our tasty water is all about natural goodness. Hint® is water—just more delicious. Hint Water and Hint Fizz have 0 sugar, 0 diet sweeteners, 0 stevia, 0 preservatives, 0 calories, and 0 GMOs. We promote a policy of 0 fake, and we’re super proud of it!.

Hint is pure wholesome water with nothing but natural fruit oils and essences—now there’s a hint-centive you can happily drink to!


Zero Diet Sweeteners
You’ll never find any fake sweeteners in our products, including stevia.

Zero Calories
Since we’re just water with a splash of natural fruit oils and essences, we’re naturally calorie free.

Zero Preservatives
You’ll never find anything fake (or that you can’t pronounce) in our waters.

No animal products or byproducts are used in our tasty waters.

Gluten Free
Our waters are naturally gluten free.

We proudly use non-GMO fruits in Hint Water, Hint Fizz, and Hint Kick.

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