Transformation story: allison

A Transformation Story: Allison

A story by Allison

I’ve had different health problems most of my life.  I was always tired, had headaches, stomach aches, and the list goes on.  A lot of the times it would prevent me from going to work, spending time with friends, and just living my life!  Since I was always tired, I NEVER wanted to exercise.  This drastically impacted my health.

I had gained weight and just lost all sense of self-control.  I was a mess; I had to visit doctors and be on strict diets in order to figure out what was the source of all problems.

The answer? Dehydration.

I was drinking 8-16 ounces of water daily, rather than the recommended 8 glasses.  It really took a toll on me and I was ready to re-take control of my life.  It was of course a slow and steady pace to start becoming healthier.  I had read multiple blogs & magazines that preached about consuming half of your body weight in water daily.  Coming from someone who sipped on 8-16 ounces a day, I thought it was going to be impossible.

I’ve tried lemon squeezed in my water, cute straws, pretty mason jars — I’ve tried it all!  Then one day my Tone it Up trainers, Karena and Katrina, introduced our community to Hint water!  I didn’t think it was going to be any kind of “special water” or turn my attitude around about how I felt about water in general.  But I tried it, and boy was I wrong!  Not a day goes by that I don’t drink 4-5 bottles, already getting my daily limit of 80 ounces!

I have become more energized, alert, and almost NEVER have headaches anymore.  I can tell this has also helped tremendously with my weight loss journey and I didn’t even mean for it to.

The various flavors of hint keeps it fresh and new for me where I never feel like I’m being forced to drink something I don’t want to.  I’ve kept myself so hydrated the past few months that I can tell my metabolism has also increased!

I never knew I could get to this point but am so happy I did.  It definitely shows in my skin, hair, & even my smile! People tell me I’m glowing!  Hint & TIU have seriously changed my life.

At 24 years old, I really wasn’t happy with my health.  I knew the limited amount of water I drank was so poor for my body and I could only imagine what else would come of it if I continued on that path. I now look forward to one more thing in life – hint deliveries 🙂


The Top 3 Things I Learned Along My Wellness Journey

1)    Water is the most crucial part of being healthy! It has made such a tremendous difference in my weight-loss results

2)    When you help motivate others, it actually helps motivate you even more!

3)    Portion control is key – no one ever said you had to give up things you love


The Top 3 Things I Wish My Former Self Knew

1)    You won’t get fat if you take a day off!  Everyone needs a break once in a while – don’t let a rest day let you forget about all of the progress you’ve made so far

2)    Fitness can be fun!  Switch up your routine to keep things fun and interesting!

3)    Drink. More. Water.  They really mean it when they say you will look and feel great if you drink water throughout the day 🙂


My Top 3 Tips for Others Looking to Live Healthier

1)    Be patient! Results won’t happen overnight.  Keep working hard and you will see your body changing!

2)    Take pictures to track your progress instead of using the scale.  Scales can fluctuate and don’t accurately take into account muscle mass.  Don’t rely on a scale, rely on pictures!

3)    Try to find an accountability buddy! They will push you at times you just can’t push yourself.  Plus, new friends are always fun!


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