ten healthy 4th of july recipes

Ten Healthy 4th of July Recipes You’ll Love

We’re so excited to celebrate the 4th! So much so that we gathered our top ten favorite healthy 4th of July recipes! These ten colorful and creative dishes feature true summertime treasures from watermelon bowls to healthy bean dip to baked apples. These delicious, patriotic, and simple recipes will for sure please your company as you watch the fireworks and celebrate by the pool or at a party!

Here are ten healthy 4th of July recipes you’ll love!



1. A 4th of July Watermelon Bowl

Star-shaped jicama and watermelon unite with blueberries to make a perfect (fun!) fruit salad watermelon bowl for the fourth! You can personalize this recipe by adding different fruits (still in the same red, white, and blue color scheme). Think apples, strawberries, or even raspberries! Kids will especially love the different colors, shapes and sizes! (via VegetableFruitCarving.com)



whole fruit popsicles

2. Whole Fruit Popsicles

While these pops may not have red, white, and blue in them, they do have real whole fresh fruit in them – and that’s a major win for us! (via the view from great island)




3. Blueberry, Strawberry & Jicama Salsa

Seriously, what better salsa is there to celebrate the 4th with? This red, white, and blue number works perfectly in a salad, in yogurt, with chicken or fish, or solo! (via two peas & their pod)




4. Mickey Mouse Fruit Salad

Kids and adults alike will dig this patriotic fun Mickey Mouse-themed fruit salad! Plus, the Mickey-shaped watermelon pieces will for sure work as a conversation starter at your party. (via momfluential)




5. Red, White and Bruschetta 

A simple, tasty, delightful appetizer that pairs well with the 4th and your tastebuds! (via Jehan Can Cook)




6. Red, White and Blue Potato Salad

Every 4th of July party needs a potato salad. Skip the heavy mayo-options and make this perfectly patriotic potato salad this year! (via Proud Italian Cook)



4th of july

7. Fruit and Cheese Tray

Make a flag with blueberries, strawberries and/or raspberries, and cheese for a festive fruit and cheese tray! If you’re vegan or don’t do diary, you can simply swap the cheese for bananas!



4th of july skewers

8. 4th of July Skewers

A perfect treat for your party guests or you! You can even freeze your skewers for an extra cold crunch! (via The Skinny Confidential)




9. Skinny Taco Dip

A dip that everyone will adore, and you can actually feel good about serving. And did we mention, it’s easy to make? (via Skinnytaste)




10. Baked Apple Slices

The classic take on apple pie only with the taste of fresh Fuji apples and a hint of cinnamon! The natural sugar within the apple is all you need to bring the richness and freshness of nature’s best. The guiltless treat everyone can feel good about! (via Healthy Recipes)