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5 Party Games to Play This Holiday


white elephant

1.) Gift a White Elephant

Tell everyone to bring a fun (or funny) holiday gift, read the rules for White Elephant, and let the games begin! Guaranteed laughs!




2.) Play Jenga

Such a fun game that anyone and everyone can play! Bring out the Jenga and enjoy!



3.) Enjoy a Game of Charades

Break up in teams,  bring on the goofy, and get ready to start acting! You need nothing except a spirit of fun and people to play this game, and okay, a pen and paper. But still, it’s not much! To go totally new school, bust out the free Charades! app to get the party going.



two truths

4.) Bust Out the Lies with Two Truths and a Lie

So much fun! Each person tells two truths and a lie about themselves. The object is for the other team or people (however you want to play) to uncover the lie. You’ll be sure to learn some new things here!


catch phrase

5.) Play Catch Phrase

One of our most favorite party games is Catch Phrase. You honestly can’t go wrong!


What game would you add to this list?