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3 New Wellness Trends to Try Now

When it comes to recent emerging wellness trends, it seems the stranger the better. While “out there” approaches like placenta smoothies, and intravenous vitamin drips have increased popularity, there are several new trends that have us more excited than (dare we say) scared. Not all of these new wellness trends are backed by science (yet), but there are quite a few testimonials from those who have experienced results and lived to tell the tale. Taking a slightly more moderate stance, there are a few new therapies that are worth a try in the wellness arena these days.


Though they have yet been approved by the FDA, cryotherapy treatments have been popping up in wellness centers all over the country. In an effort to treat everything from inflammation to more serious muscle disorders, the treatment requires you to stand in a “cryochamber,” which is a room cooled—with the use of liquid nitrogen—to around negative 300 degrees (in other words, frigid).

While you’re only required to endure the extreme conditions for just two to four minutes, it sends quite a shock to the system, which is actually the point of the therapy: Exposure to the freezing temperatures triggers your body to heat from the core forcing blood from the extremities to the center of the body, which helps release toxins and reduce inflammation. The treatment also boosts endorphins, and in turn, increases energy—alleviating depression and anxiety—as the body restores to its condition. Spending just a few minutes in these cryochambers or crysaunas has also boasted beauty benefits like reducing cellulite, while firming and tightening the skin.

Infrared Saunas

Looking for a natural high? Turns out you might be able to accomplish this through the use of light therapy in the form of highly popular infrared saunas. Booking a standard 45-minute session brings with it a whole laundry list of benefits from detoxification and purification of the body to calorie burn for weight loss, as well as easing of anxiety and panic attacks.

With exposure to medical-grade chromotherapy lighting, all you’re required to do is Zen out (meditate and relax) in the sauna as you sweat out 20% of your toxins—which is a lot compared to the 3% associated with an “average” sweat. While the cosmetic benefits associated include anti-aging benefits like reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, as well as boosted collagen production, the physical benefits are pretty miraculous too. The LED-light therapy reportedly works to reduce swelling, relieve pain, decrease inflammation and muscle tension, as well as improve range of motion and circulation. Let there be light!

Sensory Deprivation (Float Therapy)

Who knew simply floating in an enclosed mineral-enhanced water chamber for just an hour could leave you with results equivalent to the rejuvenating effects of five hours of sleep? Making your body weightless and buoyant, float therapy deprives you of all normal sensory effects, allowing you to enter a state of relaxation and conscious thought. You’ll feel extremely comfortable as the water is heated to the precise degree of skin temperature (meant to omit nerve transmissions sent to the brain). You’ll find yourself floating at ease in just the right concentration of salt-to-water liquid, which works to reactivate the body’s natural currents and organ functionality. Aside from the blissful relaxation, other benefits include increased circulation, detoxification of heavy metals, reduction of acidity and restoration of pH balance, relief of anxiety and stress, and remineralization of the skin.

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