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3 Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Body—No Juice Involved!

When you think of the term “cleanse,” you most likely associate it with a lack of solid foods and lots and lots of juice. In reality, a healthy cleanse shouldn’t shock your system or deprive your body. It’s time to redefine the term and what it means to cleanse—you better believe it can (and should) be accomplished without relying on just juice. The ultimate goal of a cleanse is to rid the body of toxins but the irritation that can be caused by hunger and the lack of energy stemming from a starvation cleanse may defeat the purpose. Though you’re ridding your body of physical toxins, the emotional stress can promote the production of “invisible” toxins that equally affect your body (mind, organs, and more).

So, let’s refocus on a healthier type of cleanse that leaves the body naturally nourished, energized, and detoxified. The following three rituals may not fit your typical depiction of what a cleanse should be but your body responds and reacts to these alternative cleansing activities without averse side-effects, leaving you with a more sustainable choice.

Find three of our favorite natural cleansing techniques below:


We’re talking mentally rather than in the physical sense. Remember the aforementioned emotional (intangible) toxins? They’re real and they’re brought on by unnecessary stress and anxiety, which can be difficult to avoid depending on your lifestyle. One way to rid your body, or at least help eliminate, these toxins is by making time for mental relaxation. Even just a few minutes dedicated to clearing your mind through meditation or breath work will help release pent up (and toxic) negativity. It’s easier said than done but the best tip for accomplishing this is to continue to remind yourself that whatever negativity you are feeling or experiencing is temporary and that it will pass. If the term meditation intimidates you, try an alternative form that may fit your lifestyle: Take a long, peaceful walk, savor a warm shower or soak in a hot bath, or light a candle and listen to your favorite playlist. You are the best judge of what works for you, so pick an activity you enjoy, which will naturally enhance and uplift your mood, all while eliminating the internal toxins that may not be immediately apparent—but believe us, they’re there.

Stick to a Normal Diet

Starvation is not interchangeable terminology when it comes to a cleanse, rather the premise is to nourish your body, which in turn, helps detoxify your system. Sticking to a normal, healthy diet is the best way to provide your body with the nutrients and vitamins it requires to function optimally. This can be accomplished by simply relying on foods that we as humans have evolved to digest over thousands of years. The best general guidelines to follow would incorporate over 60% vegetables or plant-based foods, with 20% clean fish and lean meats, and the remaining 20% with other healthy, non-processed, organic options of your choice.


Regular exercise, which produces sweat, is crucial for keeping your internal organs and your entire system in optimal shape through eliminating unnecessary toxins. Sweat and exercise are also known to produce adrenaline, which can naturally boost happiness and excitement, and in this case, acts as both a mental and physical cleanse. If you’re stuck in a rut (or just hate working out), try to change your mindset from a required physical activity to a cleanse for your entire body. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym since just 10 minutes of cardio a day or a few detoxifying yoga poses can be highly beneficial to your overall health.

Would you try any of these natural cleansing tips? Do you have a favorite cleanse that works for you? Tell us in the comments below.

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