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It’s Time to Move with Hint and Ingress Codes

An unknown force known as “the Shapers” has come to Earth in attempt to evolve humanity; do you fight back and join “the Resistance” or embrace the force with “the Enlightened”? This is the first decision you must make to join Ingress, a real-world mobile adventure game played on Android phones and tablets, and on iOS later this year. Developed by Google’s Niantic Labs, Ingress was introduced in 2012 and has been downloaded by over 2 million players worldwide. Ingress players, or “agents”, span across cities and neighborhoods around the world with active gamers in more than 100 countries globally.

Ingress breaks the mold of mobile gaming by creating adventures in the real-world that encourage players to explore public locations and communicate with other agents. After joining either “the Resistance” or “the Enlightened”, agents compete against the opposing faction to create “Control Fields” by linking “Portals” over geographic areas. These “Portals” are found in locations with creative energy — such as city landmarks, historical sites, and museums — and emit energy known as Exotic Matter, or XM, that is actually ordered data that form messages from the Shapers. XM also gives an agent his or her power.

Ingress codes for highly valuable Ingress in-game items are very valuable to Ingress users, but are relatively rare. Niantic offers a limited number of these Ingress codes occasionally, but they are typically redeemed quickly given their high demand and the high volume of players competing for them. Luckily for Hint drinkers, there’s another reason to grab a bottle of your favorite water, because these valuable, unique Ingress codes are available under the caps of select Hint bottles. These single-use Ingress codes give players a good power-up of energy (XM), weapons (XMP), and resonators based on player level.

As Ingress’ motto tells its users, “it’s time to move” and Hint is the perfect beverage to keep healthy and hydrated during for real world adventures on foot.

For more information on Ingress, please see the following links:

An introduction to Ingress: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92rYjlxqypM

The Story So Far – A Recap of the Ingress Storyline After One Year:

Ingress Year One, Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhp2awQYLos

Ingress Year One, Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN_GP1aENSA

Download Ingress on Android phones: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticproject.ingress&hl=en

Klue talking about the codes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4Efc4DVCLQ

About Ingress

Ingress represents a unique, pioneering entertainment experience known as ‘Real World Games’, an all-new style of game featuring innovative massive multiplayer mobile gameplay which transforms neighborhoods and cities around the world into an interactive experience filled with mystery, intrigue, and adventure. Using Google Maps and GPS technology, players move through and explore the world around them, visiting historical sites, parks, and public artworks to discover hidden ‘Portals’ leaking a mysterious energy into our dimension.

The evolving story of Ingress pivots based on the actions of the players in the two Factions, the ‘Enlightened’ and the ‘Resistance’, who are engaged in a struggle for global control and the fate of humanity. Ingress is currently available on Android in the Google Play Store and will be available on iOS in 2014. Ingress has already seen 2 million player activations around the world and is played across more than a 100 countries globally. Thousands of Ingress codes have been redeemed with hint too.

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14 replies
  1. Ashlie
    Ashlie says:

    Are the codes over with, bought a bottle today only thing under the cap is SC08 which is an invalid code according to Ingress…thanks guys

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    We are having issues with the codes being invaild, almost a 1 out of 4 ratio. Plans on rectifying this?

  3. Carlton P Breeden
    Carlton P Breeden says:

    I order peach flavor and it was great. I didn’t get any codes under my caps though.

    • hint water
      hint water says:

      Thanks so much, Carlton! Sorry to hear about the codes! They should be there. Try putting the cap over a dark object! They’re hard to see!

  4. JD Blaze
    JD Blaze says:

    Well this is handy, I’m trying to ween myself off of soda via hint, and trying to slim down via ingress.
    Question, I was only able to find your water in Starbucks. Are there any other places where it’s available? Hoping the new market in town will.

    mmm, blackberry.

    • Sean
      Sean says:

      Hi JD,

      Hint is a partner with Ingress because hint and Ingress both want to make it fun and easy to live a healthier lifestyle. Working at hint I learned under the caps are codes for the game. The codes are good for XM, bursters, and resonators. There is a video by Ingress of a person named Klue tipping players of the caps here:


      What is great is even at a low level if you have enough cap codes you can take out a level 8 enemy portal and stay hydrated while hiking all over the city.

      As for finding hint near you we have a store locator here:


      Be sure to call the store and make sure that the product is in stock before driving there.

      Good luck to you on Ingress!


  5. Brent Hollett
    Brent Hollett says:

    Any chance HINT water will be available in Australia? Mainly so I can get codes, but still hopeful.

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  1. Jimsey Nakamora says:

    It’s time to move! Thanks for posting this blog about Ingress. I have had a similar experience over the past 2 months playing and have actually lost 10lbs. I have an order of hint water on the way to check out the cap codes.


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