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3 Simple Morning Rituals Guaranteed to Improve Your Day

Not everyone is a morning person, and even if you consider yourself one, you might not be capitalizing on the benefits of incorporating a few easy rituals that will instantly boost your morning routine. When you start your morning the right way, the rest of the day will follow suit. It’s really important to take a few moments to yourself (no matter how you choose to do so) before diving right into the chaos that can come with any given day. Since it helps to begin with a little bit of inspiration and motivation, we’re providing a few of our favorite (and simple) rituals for starting your day off right.


You may feel a bit stiff as you rise in the morning, so the thought of stretching when your limbs aren’t so limber is not extremely enticing. The importance of stretching in the morning—even when you’re running late—cannot be underestimated. Begin your day with intentional movement to promote fresh blood flow throughout the body, including your brain; This will not only provide you with extra oxygen but can also boost productivity. Making time to fit in a few minutes of stretching upon getting out of bed will also help you feel more awake naturally by energizing and nourishing the body—without even a sip of caffeine.

Specific stretches, like any variation of a simple twist, can detoxify your entire body and help wring out the toxins that seep into your system. “Legs up the wall” is another great stretch to start the day as lifting your legs in the air (above the head) sends fresh blood to your feet and promotes circulation, which is essential for anyone who spends the entire day seated. Stretching is also known to help calm the mind and ease anxiety—who wouldn’t want to start the day with a relaxed, rejuvenated mindset?

Drinking Lemon Water

It’s extremely important to start your morning hydrated because if not, you’ll be playing catch up the entire rest of the day. One way to ensure you’re properly hydrated is by drinking at least one large glass of water before you do anything else in the morning. It’s easiest to accomplish this if you make it part of your routine: Keep a full glass (or bottle) by your bed, make a point to fill up your cup after brushing your teeth, or drink a large glass right before you leave for work. It’s also helpful to keep a refillable canteen with you at all times to act as a constant reminder to drink more water.

Incorporating lemon not only provides additional flavor but it can also help balance your body’s pH levels, wake up your digestive tract and liver, and detox the body. Instead of drinking several coffees throughout the day, try squeezing a half of a lemon into warm water, which can help quell food cravings and will also keep you hydrated at the same time.

If you want an extra boost, try our naturally caffeinated lemon cayenne hint kick.


In this age of technology, it’s pretty common to reach for your phone before your eyes are even half-open. Jumping right into your screen (emails, social media feeds, news) is an abrupt way to begin your day and it can also delay your regular routine since you’ll likely get caught in the rabbit hole that is the internet. Rather than letting your phone be your first thought, dedicate a few moments to natural meditation, which will allow your mind to relax. Try setting your intentions (this includes envisioning some short-term or long-term goals) for the day or practicing a gratitude ritual; it can be as simple as listing three things you are grateful for aloud, which is also an easy form of mediation that will have an extremely positive impact on your future outlook. Even easier? Simply focusing on your breath (and only your breath) for a few minutes can naturally energize and awaken the mind and will help reduce stress and anxiety. Quite the contrast from diving right into work, personal matters, and other stressful situations that can stem from starting your day in front of a screen.

Do you have a morning ritual that helps you start your day on the right foot? Let us know in the comments below.

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