Why Ginger Is Your Best Friend in Weight Loss

Working toward weight loss? Adding ginger to your diet can work wonders.

Ginger is one of my favorite spices because it contains dozens of proven health benefits and it can be enjoyed in so many different ways. As a kid, my mom made me ginger teas and soups when I was sick. As an adult, I use it to help with weight loss and management.

Ginger Weight Loss Benefits

  • Ginger aids indigestion by speeding up the emptying of the stomach.
  • It is a natural appetite suppressant.
  • It expands blood vessel size, which increases body heat and allows you to burn more fat.
  • It is a powerful anti-inflammatory which means faster recovery time between workouts.
  • By adding ginger to your daily diet, you will feel more energy, mental clarity, and vitality.

Ginger Drink Recipes for Weight Loss

I love cooking with ginger, but my favorite way to enjoy it is by drinking it. Check out three of my favorite ginger drink recipes below.

Dragon’s Breath Ginger Shot

This strong, spicy drink is for the brave, but it is totally worth it. It is made by juicing raw ginger, sour lemons, and topping it with a pinch of red hot cayenne pepper. It’s only a couple ounces, but I always have to mentally prepare for what is about to come. Thankfully the taste only lasts a few seconds, which is followed by a warm sensation as it makes it’s way down. When I am feeling under the weather and don’t want to go to the gym or I’m feeling a little bloated and I need to look good, this is my go-to super drink.

Dragon's Breath Ginger Shot Ingredients


  • raw ginger
  • sour lemons
  • cayenne pepper

Get the recipe on Good Food Stories.

Ginger Lemonade With Whole Lemons

During the summer, I love to sip on flavored waters and lemonades. Most lemonades sold in stores are pasteurized, a process that involves heating the drink to kill bacteria, which also destroys many of the vitamins and phytonutrients found in raw lemon juice. I like to make my lemonade at home because I can control the sweetness. It also doesn’t take very long and has a ton of health benefits. Recently I started adding ginger and I found it cut my hunger, tasted amazing, and I was able to drop a few stubborn pounds. The recipe involves blending raw ginger with some fresh lemon juice and water. You filter out the pulp using a strainer and then add ice and water.


  • raw ginger
  • lemon juice
  • water

Get the recipe on The Blender Girl.

Healing and Delicious Ginger Tea Recipe

This is my cool-weather ginger drink. For years my mother made me ginger tea when I would catch a cold because it is great for sore throats and boosting the immune system. Recently, I’ve begun sipping on it to avoid snacking after dinner. Ginger is great for speeding up the digestion of food and metabolizing calories, and it is an appetite suppressant. You make it by boiling water with a few slices of raw ginger for about 10 minutes. Then you pour it into a glass, add a little honey and lemon if you want, and enjoy!

Ginger Tea Ingredients


  • boiling water
  • raw ginger slices
  • lemon slice (optional)
  • honey (optional)

Get the recipe on Meghan Telpner.

Do you ever cook with ginger? What do you like to make?

About the Author

Linda Niazi studied Nutrition and Psychology at UCDavis. She went on to become an NASM and ACE certified trainer in 2009 and has been an active health and wellness coach through her three pregnancies (2011, 2012, and 2015). She is currently continuing on to become a Precision Nutrition Coach and well as a Performance Enhancement Specialist.

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