This YouTuber Followed 9 Simple Food Rules to Transform Her Body

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YouTuber Gabbie Hanna wanted a Kardashian body and honestly, same.

So, Gabbie committed to a 30-day health challenge. Which quickly turned into an 8-week nutrition and fitness challenge. Which then turned into an entire life transformation.

Of course, dramatic changes are multi-faceted and impact every part of your lifestyle — fitness, mental health, nutrition, sleep cycle, and more. But one huge element of Gabbie’s transformation was the food she was feeding her body. A self-proclaimed junk food eater, bored eater and emotional eater, Gabbie Hanna went from late-night snacking on pizza to drunk-eating salad.

Watch a break down of exactly what Gabbie eats every day in her video.


Hoping to transform your relationship with food? Everyone has different needs, but after strategizing with a health coach, Gabbie began following nine simple rules to stay on track with her health goals. Here’s what is working for her.

1. Eat three times a day.

Depending on the way your body works, find your optimal meal frequency. Whether that’s three meals a day, six small meals a day, or one huge one.

Gabbie pushed aside her snacking habits and committed to eating three full meals a day. “I would have never thought I would be eating three times a day and feeling full,” she said. Of course, those meals have to be carefully planned to make you actually feel full. But if you’re monitoring your nutrients and reducing sugar intake, those post-meal cravings eventually disappear.

2. Wait four hours between meals.

This rule gives your body a steady stream of energy, allows time for digestion, and keeps your metabolism active.

To keep up with burning the amount of fuel she puts into her body, Gabbie follows a very strict schedule. She plans each day around her meals. For example, she wakes up at a certain time to allow time to eat breakfast. Then waits two hours for her body to digest that meal before working out and using that workout to actually burn fat, not the meal itself. After two hours of working out, she’s really hungry for lunch.

3. Find healthy alternatives to junk.

If you are eating potato chips and ice cream most days, it’s time to find a healthier substitute for the foods you love. This doesn’t mean cutting out chips or frozen treats entirely but instead finding foods that feed your cravings.

For example, Gabbie claims after cutting out sugar from her diet, grapefruit tastes amazing, “like candy,” she says. So she suggests switching out candy for fruit.

Healthy swaps Gabbie made during her transformation:

  • Soda for hint® fizz in cherry, watermelon, or blackberry
  • Candy bars for grapefruit and watermelon
  • Bacon for nitrate-free bacon
  • Drunk junk food for drunk salads
  • Peanut butter for dehydrated peanut butter powder
  • Bonus: Remove processed foods as much as possible

Oh, and by the way, Gabbie’s fans get 30% off their first orders of hint® water when using this special link. So go ahead, swap those sugary drinks for a healthier alternative.

4. Find foods you enjoy.

Common misconceptions of “eating healthy” are to follow a diet, eat bland foods, or completely change what you eat. Unless you’re eating potato chips and ice cream for every meal, changes to your eating habits don’t have to be extreme.

Gabbie suggests eating foods that you enjoy. If you like what you’re eating, you should keep that meal plan instead of hate what you’re eating and eventually stop. Gabbie relies a lot on garlic salt and spicy mustard. She practically drools when she squeals, “condiments make the world go round.”

5. Track what you’re eating.

Now that you’re really careful about what you’re eating, keep track of how your body reacts to those foods. Do you feel full after eating a nutritious dish of scrambled eggs and asparagus? Did your tastebuds dig it?

If you’re trying to lose weight like Gabbie, she tracks calories. “Calories are not everything, but they are important,” she says. “My school of thought is energy in, energy out.” Interestingly enough, Gabbie discovered she wasn’t eating enough food before she started tracking her meals and working out. When she started eating more food, she starting losing more weight.

6. Ask yourself if you’re actually hungry.

Every time you open the fridge, ask yourself if you’re hungry. But be careful, you might lie to yourself! Test your hunger by drinking water first.

As Gabbie says, sometimes your brain will tell you that you’re hungry when you’re actually thirsty. Why? Because your brain is rude. Instead of listening to that hunger in between meals, she drinks half a bottle of hint® fizz and listens again. “Oh, I was just thirsty.”

7. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. PREPARE.

Eating fewer meals in a day may cause you to be hungrier when it’s time to actually nom on those meals. To avoid supplementing with desperate snacks, have meals that are ready for immediate consumption.

You can catch Gabbie munching on a half of a watermelon while she bakes a sweet potato for lunch. She also has frozen vegetables available to pop in the microwave for a quick meal.

8. Trash the junk.

This is self-explanatory. If it’s not there, you won’t eat it.

About 11 minutes into the video, you’ll hear Gabbie shouting, “If you have junk food, throw it away, it will save your life.” She removed every cheesy snack from her pantry.

9. You are a human!

When was the last time you did something perfectly? Unless you’re a unicorn, probably never. A body transformation takes a lot of work, but what’s the work worth if you can’t have fun?

Gabbie, like the rest of us, is a human with a social life.  Before she made a commitment to change, Gabbie would go out drinking with her friends a few times a week. She continues to go out with friends, but cut down on drinking, and makes sure to eat a filling meal before leaving the house so that slice of cheesy pizza is less tempting. As she explains in her video, there will be birthday parties and sometimes you will eat the cake, but that’s okay! Moderation is key.


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