The $12 Standing Desk Alternative Everyone Should Try

The standing desk craze has likely reached its zenith. Yet, have you converted? Probably not, as standing desks are expensive and many people who do invest in them, or who work for companies that provide standing desk options, end up sitting for large portions of the day. Overall, standing desks have yet to prove themselves as benefiting health in large scales and in conclusive studies.

This being said, the benefits of subtle movements while sitting (or standing) are indisputable. From engaging your core, to improving posture, to burning calories, to increasing mental performance, there is something behind the craze.

But, the question remains: What is sustainable? What work-lifestyle change is affordable? What is versatile? A balance disk!

Using a balance disk at work, by simply sitting on it, is a sustainable and affordable change in your daily life that can provide you with health benefits that are likely to last.

It’s Sustainable

The balance disk is sustainable because you aren’t overhauling your workstation. You don’t need a new desk or space; you’re simply purchasing a $12 compact disk that can fit into a backpack. And it’s portable. You could theoretically bring it to and from work every single day.

It’s Versatile

At home, it’s practically a home gym in it of itself. Crunches become more effective, i.e. challenging! Squats and lunges performed on a balance disk engage stabilizing muscles way more than on flat, stable ground. And it helps improve proprioception—a key feedback loop from joints and muscles to brain. Recovering from a sprained ankle has never been more straightforward than using a balance disk for single leg exercises.

It’s Accessible

Even if you never do stability exercises or crunches, sitting on a balance disk at work will improve your core strength and likely reduce the consequences from being completely sedentary for an entire working day. And it’s a great gift!

Do you ever use a standing desk or a balance disk? What has been your experience? Share with us in the comments.

About the Author

Clare Gallagher is an ultrarunner for The North Face and travels extensively for races and philanthropic work. She studied coral ecology at Princeton University where she also ran cross country and track. Clare has taught English in Thailand where she started a non-profit environmental stewardship program, she has scribed in emergency rooms across Denver, and she writes regularly for various running blogs.

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