5 Ways to April Fools Yourself into Eating More Veggies!

Happy April Fools Day! Instead of putting your coworker’s stapler in jello (lol!) follow these 5 healthy hacks to fool your sweet tooth and make your next indulgence a bit healthier!


  1. Pizza made healthy, yep you read that right!

Next time you have a craving for some cheesy-goodness, there’s a way to whip up a pie that will taste just as amazing, and have some added health benefits! Shred up some zucchini and incorporate it into your pizza dough, you won’t even notice it’s there!

Recipe via: http://thrivinghomeblog.com/2015/04/zucchini-pizza-crust/



  1. Not your typical egg salad!

Next time you’re in the mood for egg (or chicken, or tuna) salad, substitute all that mayo with mashed avocado! It retains the same consistency, still is delciouis, and is MUCH better for you!

  1. Find out what’s REALLY in that secret sauce