5 healthy tips for halloween

5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and with this holiday usually comes loads of sugar-laden candy treats. But, this year, your Halloween festivities don’t have to mean sugar overload! Check out these simple tips to stay on-track, and have a great time.


1) Procrastinate: Reduce temptation by not keeping treats at home. Don’t purchase your Halloween candy until right before Halloween night, and try to buy just the minimum you’ll need. If you have to shop early, keep that candy on lockdown in a closed drawer or high shelf, and out of sight!



2) Reverse Psychology: If you’re planning to buy candy, choose treats you don’t particularly like. Not having your favorite candy in arm’s reach will make you less likely to mindlessly munch.



3) Fill up first: If you plan on taking your child trick-or-treating, or attending a Halloween party, be sure to eat a balanced, healthy meal beforehand. Filling up on fruits, veggies, whole grains and protein before you head out will keep the sweet cravings at bay.



4) Give Halloween a makeover: Offer non-candy items like granola bars, miniature popcorn bags, animal crackers or trail mix. If your kids come home with bags full of candy, bargain with them to trade their stash for a non-food item like a new toy.



5) Give it away! Have a habit of sneaking a few too many pieces your leftover candy the weekend after Halloween? Bring extra candy to the office, your neighbors’ or your doorman, or donate to a charity.


What healthy halloween trick do you follow? Tell us in the comments below!


DespinaHydeDespina is a Rise coach, registered dietitian & certified diabetes educator living in New York City. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at University of Maryland and her Master’s in clinical nutrition at New York University. Despina currently works in a weight management clinic in Manhattan and also frequently consults with New York-based companies to develop corporate wellness activities. Despina believes “your health is your wealth,” and that good nutrition is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle that will lead to long-term wellbeing. Despina does not believe in diets or meal plans, but rather in helping her clients make the best choices that fit their lifestyles and situations. Whether it’s a business dinner at a restaurant or lunch in a college cafeteria, Despina believes clients should eat for energy, maintain a healthy weight, and most of all, feel confident. Want to work with Despina or a Rise Coach like her? Get started at https://rise.us/r/ DESPINAHYDE

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  1. carol
    carol says:

    I avoid too much candy by filling up on protein.
    Last year for halloween I gave out ziploc bags with geodes and instructions on how to break the geode. Kids were pretty excited about it, and some parents let me know (after the kids opened the geodes) how cool it was. 🙂

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