5 Secrets of Getting Back on Track After a Sugar Binge

5 Secrets of Getting Back on Track After a Sugar Binge

Did you eat too much sugar last night?

Was yesterday an “off food day?”

Don’t let that slip you up! Instead, look at it as a learning experience, so you can move forward with grace.

And to help you do that, here are 5 secrets of getting back on track after a sugar binge.


1. Don’t starve

Instead of feeling guilty and trying to eat as little as possible, eat something healthy once you feel hunger. A good rule of thumb is your meals should have a source of protein (think chicken, eggs, fish, beans/lentils) and produce, especially vegetables. Examples: a veggie omelet; a green salad with grilled salmon. The protein will fuel your lean muscle mass and keep you fuller longer and the vegetables will provide antioxidants as well as helping fill you up – not out. This combination will also help you debloat.


2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

All that extra sugar and carbs can make you puffy and bloated. Contrary to popular belief, drinking more water won’t make you more puffy or bloated. In fact, it’ll help flush your system, depuff, and debloat. Just make sure you’re drinking water with 0 sugar or diet sweeteners, think plain h20 or hint water.


3. Sweat it out

Move those buns and get sweaty! Not only will you feel 1000 times better, you’ll help your system burn up some of those extra treats.


4. Beware of black and white thinking

Remember that just because you had one “not so hot” food day, you’re efforts aren’t worthless. Reflect, see what went awry, learn, and next time you’ll do better! It’s not about falling off the wagon, it’s about whether you get back on. Get back on.


5. Plan for success

You can’t plan healthy meals and snacks, if you don’t have healthy food around. So make sure your kitchen is stocked and set for success. Having your “off day” here is perfect for the needed motivation and to remember why healthy living is so important to you – it feels so gosh-darn good!

Here, utilize the fact that you’re 30% more likely to eat the first thing you see. So keep a visible fruit bowl. Don’t stock your produce in the veggie drawers. Instead, pre-cut and wash them and have your veggies ready to go in your fridge. You can do this with grains and proteins too. Cook large batches of items, like quinoa, brown rice, chicken breasts, and salmon to last a few meals and keep them visible in your fridge – so you’re set for a few days. All you’ll then need to do is whip up a veggie along with your protein and high-fiber carb for a balanced healthy meal, which takes minutes!


“Don’t use all-or-nothing thinking. Take each day as its own day, and don’t worry about it if you mess up one day. The most important thing you can do is just get back up on the horse.”

Henry Cloud