5 Apps for Fulfilling 2015

5 Apps for a Fulfilling 2015

This time of year, we naturally start to think about hopes for the year ahead. It can be overwhelming to think about making major changes to our lives. Sometimes it’s helpful to find everyday ways to take smaller steps towards our ultimate goals so that we can achieve them rather than watch our hopes fall by the wayside as we fall into old habits. As we start 2015, we have rounded up a few of our favorite apps that we hope will help you take those smaller steps towards mind/body wellness and achieve your goals!

If you hope to plan more home cooked meals in 2015…

App: Kitchen Stories
Cost: Free
What it is: A recipe and instructional cooking video app.

This app is like Pinterest for foodies. Kitchen Stories is rated one of the App Store’s “Best of 2014.” Kitchen Stories is a fun way to discover new recipes, engage in a community of likeminded home cooks and learn new skills through easy to follow videos. It is great for cooks of all levels and users will find how-to videos for each recipe whether you need to master pitting an avocado or learn to julienne vegetables. The carefully crafted videos and simplistically beautiful interface takes the complications out of cooking. Recipes are developed by top chefs and tested by home cooks. If you love to cook, Kitchen Stories is a relaxing and fun way to plan meals for the week ahead. Added perk: the auto-generated shopping list makes grocery shopping a breeze.

Download the Kitchen Stories app



If you hope to engage with the news regularly in 2015…
Newsletter: theSkimm
Cost: Free
What it is: A daily newsletter that summarizes the top news stories of the day.

TheSkimm is delivered weekday mornings with quick summaries of the top news stories. What makes the Skimm different from other newsletters is the team’s approach to sharing news. The Skimm’s news stories are presented in an easy to understand format that summarizes what are often complicated stories. Readers do not need to sift through distracting ads or five page stories to understand the heart of an issue or the most important details of a story. The Skimm aims to help readers grasp stories in a way that fuels discussion and genuine understanding. They do so with a distinctive voice and style that will add an exciting new aspect to your morning routine.

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If you hope to achieve your goals and help others do the same in 2015…

App: Coach.me — Instant Coaching for Any Goal
Cost: Free
What it is: An app designed to help you reach your goals.

Coach.me, formally known as Lift, is an app that offers advice, motivation and reminders. Users choose a goal they would like to achieve, which can be anything from meditating daily to saving money. Support for reaching goals comes in the form of reminders, encouragement from the community of millions or from over 700 coaching experts. Coach.me utilizes the power of community to hold goal-setters accountable and enable them to ask questions in an easy Q&A format. Members can also invite and find friends to view individual’s check-ins and offer support. The community support is free, as is the ability to track, analyze and celebrate accomplishments through the app’s dashboard. Private in-app coaching is available for $14.99 but with a large community of users and accessible tools for accountability, many have found success by simply using the app to track progress and set up reminders.

Download the Coach.me app


If you hope to better manage your stress in 2015…
App: Headspace
Cost: Free
What it is: A meditation app for a happier and healthier mind.

Headspace’s free “Take Ten” program is a ten-day meditation series that is designed to relieve stress and improve sleep with just ten minutes a day. Meditations are available on the app or the computer and may help with stress, anxiety, creativity, focus and relationships. Paid subscriptions offer unlimited access to the entire Headspace collection with hundreds of hours of meditation sessions geared towards specific themes like creativity and happiness. However, users can also choose to repeat the ten free meditation sessions rather than pay for a monthly subscription.

Download the Headspace app


If you hope to fuel your creativity in 2015…

App: VSCO Cam
Cost: Free
What it is: A mobile photography app that allows users to edit and share.

Sharing photos on social media is something many of us do every day. You may be familiar with VSCO Cam’s mobile app that boasts a long list of advanced photo editing capabilities but VSCO Cam has some other features that foster creativity and community. VSCO Cam’s Journal feature is a way for photographers to pair images with text. Developers are also working on upcoming journal compatibility with Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud. After creating an account, users can choose to share their journal with fellow VSCO Cam community members. The Explore feature within the app is also a great way to discover other members to follow and inspire individual creativity.

Download the VSCO Cam app
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