3 awesome meditation apps

3 Awesome Meditation Apps

Here, at Hint, we’re a pretty small team with a lot to do. decompressing and destressing is important to keeping balance and enjoying the rush.

You’ve got to feel refreshed, so you can do your best.

Here are three awesome meditation apps that help us take a moment of zen.


3 awesome meditation apps

1.) Calm

We’ve mentioned this app before (we’re big fans). We love being able to listen to Calm’s calming music (go figure!) or mediations with ear phones, while at our desktop at www.Calm.com, or being able to use their app on-the-go!


take a break

2. Take a Break

An app specifically designed for you to take a break, offering guided mediations that refocus, destress, and add some zen to your day.



3.) Breathe to Relax

Learn how to fight stress, tension, and anxiety through belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing. Once you learn how to breathe from your diaphragm, using the app, you’ll be guided through breathing exercises. You rate stress levels before and after the exercises. These exercises surprisingly melt away tension.


What’s your favorite meditation app? Would love to hear from you!

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  1. Debbie LaFlam
    Debbie LaFlam says:

    I had a medical tragedy with CPR ARREST and died, but survived and going through therapy. I hear this water is great, peppermint helps soothe the gastric system. I want to stop diet cokes, drink hint water when I can afford it as because of current condition I have no job or income. I am looking forward to learning how to be calm, relax, and not panic.

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