15 things to make you smile in seconds

15 Ways to Love Yourself Everyday!

Here are a few of my favorite make-me-smile activities:


  1. Say something nice to someone: lifting others up, instantly will lift you up
  2. Put on your favorite jam: that song that lights you up, makes you want to boogie in your seat, and sing in the car (yea, that one), put it on
  3. Envision your happy place: close your eyes and envision your special place – maybe it’s your childhood vacation spot; the end of your favorite mountain trail; or a warm n’ cozy beach spot. See it, believe it, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes when you’re ready
  4. Give & get a hug: a 10-second hug can lead to biochemical, hormonal, and physiological changes that can improve your health and happiness. Hug someone you truly care about (this can even be a furry friend!). Reap the benefits
  5. Gratitude it up: in a journal, jot down (simple bullet points, keep it easy!) 2-3 things you’re grateful for – instant happy boost!
  6. Quote it: find 2-3 quotes that resonate with you and lift up your soul. Write them down or print them out and place them somewhere you frequent (like your computer screen or bathroom mirror). Glance at them throughout your routine
  7. Buy flowers: get your home a bouquet – instant mood boost
  8. Watch a dog wag it’s tail: instant cuteness
  9. Light a candle: scents have the power to bring us to our favorite places. Light one, enjoy it, savor it
  10. Take something off your to-do list: text that friend, make that appointment, send the “thank you” note. It may be a small task, but when it’s off your list, it feels awesome
  11. Make a date: schedule that l-o-n-g overdue date with your friend – and when you get there, you’ll be happy you did it
  12. Sit in the sun: Take a moment away from EVERYTHING and go sit in nature
  13. Watch a baby laugh: a no-failure plan for laughter and smiles
  14. Clear clutter: take 5 minutes and clear a space. I betcha you’ll soon be clearing more and more clutter (once you start, it’s hard to stop … in a good way 🙂
  15. Give yourself kudos: what did YOU accomplish this week that makes you proud? All too often, we reflect upon what we don’t like or what we need to change about ourselves. Flip it. Train your mind to think of your successes;)

What would YOU add to our love yourself list?


Corinne Dobbas

Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian and Wellness Coach with a Masters in Nutrition.  Specializing in coaching, weight loss, and behavior change, Corinne has helped hundreds of women develop a healthy positive relationship with food, their body, and themselves. She helps women do this by showing them how to create a healthy lifestyle (they love) using a holistic approach. She believes lasting change starts from the inside out. Say, “Hi,” on facebook here or visit her at CorinneDobbas.com