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6 Healthy Travel Essentials to Keep With You at All Times

Whether you regularly spend full days “on the road,” or you’ve found yourself on unexpected overnight due to travel delays, living without all the comforts of home is no picnic. That being said, arming yourself with the proper ammunition to stay clean, safe (even if it’s just from germs), and feeling your best can make all the difference when you’re on a long trip, or worse: stranded. There are a few essentials that can save you from (almost) any unpleasant encounter—be it on your daily subway commute or a trip to a far-off destination. And better yet, they’re all small enough (and mostly TSA-approved) to accompany you at all times. Find our favorite healthy travel companions below.[vc_single_image image=”7079″ img_size=”full”]Jao Hand Refresher

Just think of the bacteria, illness, and generally yucky stuff you come in contact with on all modes of transportation and you’ll understand why this extra-special sanitizer is key to keep on you 24/7. Aside from the refreshing scent (it’s infused with essential oils like lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium, and sage), the multipurpose product may also be used as a facial astringent, deodorant, after shave, and body spritzer, all while disinfecting instantly.[vc_single_image image=”7080″ img_size=”full”]Urban Moonshine Organic Digestive Bitters

Nothing can ruin a good time like nausea. A small sip of this organic formula, derived from special herbs and roots from Vermont, can combat upset stomach, heartburn, and even morning sickness on the spot. The natural potion is gentle on the stomach and even promotes healthy digestion to help avoid unexpected belly issues, especially while on the go.[vc_single_image image=”7081″ img_size=”full”]Calming Stress Formula Essential Oil Patch

Traveling—and everything it involves—can be stressful, and rather than turning to expensive and even dangerous prescriptions to help manage, try the all-natural, yet effective, alternative of this essential oil-based patch. The stress relief formula is meant to restore balance, while supporting the body’s emotional and physical shield against stress. It will keep you naturally relaxed while on the road. [vc_single_image image=”7082″ img_size=”full”]Murchison-Hume Travel Essentials Kit

With the amount of human traffic on planes, trains, and automobiles, it’s easy to understand why they’re all full of germs and harmful bacteria. These TSA-approved formulas—made for just about any problem area you’d encounter on your travels—are plant-based and clean of chemicals. From a leather cleanser for the bottom of your bag to the “everything” soap, which can be used on any surface, these tiny, travel-sized bottles are a life-saver for anyone who wants to stay as healthy as possible while using public (or even private) transportation.[vc_single_image image=”7084″ img_size=”full”]Slow North Eucalyptus + Lavender Travel Tin

A stinky hotel room or rented office space can put you in the pits (literally). Avoid smelly situations with a deliciously-scented (and chemical-free) candle to mask unwanted odors. This eucalyptus and lavender candle is made with essential oils and not only smells divine but the scent is meant to calm and relax the mind.[vc_single_image image=”7085″ img_size=”full”]One Love Organics “Easy Does It” Foaming Cleanser

When you need to wash your face, hair, or body, look no further than the one luxurious and sweetly-scented product: “Easy Does It” cleanser from One Love Organics. This multipurpose soap goes above and beyond to clean pores and hydrate the skin with all-natural, safe ingredients that leave your body, or hands, or hair silky and smooth.

And of course, don’t forget to stay hydrated with hint water, wherever you go!

What travel essentials do you always carry? Share with us below.

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