8 Insatiable Travelers Who Make Instagram Gold

Never tire of scrolling through dreamy destinations? Always on the hunt for your next exotic escape? Whether you’re planning a big trip or you just dream of getting away, getting inspired by committed travelers will introduce a dose of wanderlust into your daily life. Start following these eight travel-focused Instagram accounts, and never run out of travel inspiration again.


Photo by @mali.mish

Has anyone ever told you to travel now, before you have kids and it’s too late? @mali.mish might be the perfect answer to this disheartening piece of advice. This family of five has been on the road since 2008, when their oldest was just a toddler. From exploring the US in a retro airstream to conquering Mexico in a pop-up camper, Marlene and Dan know a thing or two about living large in small spaces. They say they will stop traveling when one of them is no longer happy with the lifestyle. By the looks of it, that won’t be anytime soon.


Travel blogger and social media influencer, Alyssa of @mylifesatravelmovie hustled her way to getting paid to travel around the world. Her candid blog posts explain how this hard-to-reach goal is not necessarily too good to be true, and her feed just might make you want to do the same. She’s got a penchant for chasing waterfalls and has perfected the art of the selfie stick.


Do you dream of falling in love with a bearded outdoorsman, adopting a puppy, and having an adorable baby together? Step that fantasy up to include running away together in a Sprinter van, and you’ve got @confessionsofavanwife. Giddi is a certified yoga instructor, jeweler, creator of handmade makeup and all around FOMO-inducer. If the dog and baby photos don’t get you, the dreamy locations where they venture in their home on wheels will.


Photo via @mumpacktravel

Australian Evie and her 7-year-old daughter, Emmie, may show you a side of single motherhood you have never seen before. The duo have been traveling around the world together for over two years, and are just about as adorable as it gets. After saving up funds for a home renovation, Evie wisely decided that the adventure of a lifetime would be far more memorable for Emmie than a new kitchen and bathroom, and thus @mumpacktravel was born. We couldn’t agree more.


What does it look like when a Navy veteran becomes a “semi-pro wanderer”? Like Rob Morgan’s @this.wild.dream. He is an introspective climber, biker, surfer, killer campfire builder, and, at a time, a park ranger. Which is probably why the guy captures the beauty of the outdoors like no other. If you want to live vicariously through a man in a sticker-covered van, look no further.


Photo by @the_wynns

After an epic six-year road trip across the country, Jason and Nikki Wynn decided to trade in their RV for a sailboat. @the_wynns documented the process of buying, inspecting, and learning how to sail their vessel—all with their two cats in tow. The couple shares moments from their enviable life via colorful photography, detailed blogs, and lighthearted videos that will make you want to come aboard.


Former editor and interior designer respectively, Nate and Marta of @the_tipsy_gypsies explore the world with the motto, “Travel easy, drink hard.” The two left their full-time corporate gigs a year ago on the hunt for freedom and adventure, and they’ve found it—in the form of driving their own rickshaw across India, to name just one fearless pursuit. And Nate creates absolutely stunning travel films to boot. With an eye for photography and a taste for cold beers, they’re the couple you’ll want to follow first, and become best friends with second.


Photo via @wandrly

As poetic as he is adventurous, Nathan of @wandrly writes short stories about traveling with his wife and three kids in a VW bus that are even more captivating than his moody photography. Sharing the highs, lows, and everything in between, he paints a picture of life on the road that you’ll have trouble taking your eyes off of. He also writes an online magazine for full-time travelers, so he knows a thing or two about being a nomad.

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