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Friday 5: Super Bowl Games and the Perfect Gift for Valentines

Happy Friday! We’re back with our favorite things of the week for you! We’ve got a super fun Super Bowl game and the perfect gift for Valentines for you to give to your special someone. And know that the special someone could be a friend, partner, sister, Mom, or Dad! It’s all about spreading the love.



1.) 34 Proven Ways Water Makes You Awesome

As if you needed more reasons to drink water! Well, if you did, these 34 will make you want to bust out the Hint water (via Greatist)


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2.) Taylor Swift Mash-Up

This duet is breathtaking. Don’t tell Taylor Swift, but we like it better than they original (wink, wink). Taylor Swift fan or not, you’ll be impressed (via Louisa Wendorff)


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3.) Football Deviled Eggs

A perfect (fun) protein punch with a football touch for the Super Bowl! Note: you can always swap the mayo for non-fat plain Greek yogurt for more protein and less fat (via My Mommy Style)


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4.) Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Looking for a fun game to liven your party? Look no further. Snag this DIY Super Bowl bingo game (via Style Me Pretty)


open when

5.) “Open When” Letters

One of the best things you can do for anyone is to just be there no matter what. We found this idea on Pinterest and absolutely loved it. “This idea” being a series of letters for specific times: when you’ve had a rough day, when you need a laugh, when you want to smile, when you feel lonely…

So, instead of a “normal” gift this Valentines, consider getting down in your heart and creating a special series of “open whens.” There’s no doubt that this will put a smile on any face.