Secrets People Who Have a Healthy Dinner Routine Know

It’s not new news that cooking from home saves money and is (nine out of ten times) way healthier than eating out. The thing is how do you actually make it happen?

Below are 4 secrets that people who have a healthy dinner routine know. The good thing?

After you read them, they’ll no longer be secrets and you can use them too!


Anything you put together yourself using real food only is guaranteed to contain less sugar and sodium than its store-bought counterpart. With the right recipes and selective shortcuts, you can still accomplish from-scratch meals in a reasonable amount of time. For example, one pot meals are a dream, and shortcut ingredients like pre-minced garlic and bags of frozen mixed veggies can save you time without sacrificing too many nutrients.


You’ll find that produce tastes so much better when it’s in season — supplying motivation to get cooking and not to settle for greasy takeout. Fall is the best time of year for lots of delicious squash, and simply roasting veggies like Brussels sprouts or carrots brings out their natural sweetness.


It’s exhausting to cook a new thing every night, and it’s not realistic either. Find some fast and easy recipes that you love, save them, and start a rotation. Theme nights are also a great way to get kids involved and excited – taco Tuesday, breakfast-for-dinner Friday, etc.


When we’re stressed, we tend to crave more sugar and high fat foods. Do your meal planning and grocery shopping all at once over the weekend, and you’ll have more time back in your schedule for exercise and sleep throughout the week. Gatheredtable makes it fast and easy with their weekly meal planning tools, which help you build a menu and grocery list that work for your lifestyle. You can choose from several dietary profiles (Paleo, Gluten-free, Vegan, etc.) and even set individual avoidances like Refined Sugar, Dairy, or Soy. You’ll get an editable weekly menu full of seasonal, from-scratch recipe ideas along with a grocery list that combines all the ingredients into one list for easy shopping.

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