Earth Day

Our 5 Favorite Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

We need to appreciate and conserve our Earth, without Earth there is no life – so make an effort to appreciate our Earth and environment this day!

1. Make an “Earth Day” themed meal : Reap the harvests Mother Nature has provided us with and create a meal focused on fresh produce! How about a big colorful salad, followed by some fresh fruit? Try to use organic, when possible!

2. Plant Something! : Spruce up your backyard and help clean the air of pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time!

3. Care for Earth’s Creatures: The Earth is populated by far many more being than just us! Do your part to consider your planet’s neighbors, by maybe installing feeders for the birds or squirrels in your neighborhood!
4. Go Meatless Today– Going meatless helps to reduce the emissions associated with the meat industry, by just going meatless one day a week, you are helping with environmental pollution and animal cruelty.
5. Swap Your House Cleaners to Environmentally Friendly Alternatives — Change out your traditional, chemical cleaners with less toxic, less harmful alternatives, or make your own! Believe or not, a half vinegar, half water will do the trick!