5 NYC Health Haunts You Need to Try Now

There’s no question New York City is one of the biggest health meccas in the U.S., especially when it comes to where to find the newest wellness trends on the market. From fitness studios to Ayurvedic eateries, the Big Apple is where all of the up-and-coming wellness crazes come to live. Since these health-conscious establishments usually turn out to be some of the coolest, most beautiful, and most delicious spots in the city, we’re sharing a few of our favorite NYC health haunts below.[vc_single_image image=”9545″ img_size=”full”]

Savor and Sip

All it takes is one scroll through an NYC-based blogger’s Instagram feed to find a gorgeous photo of the mouthwatering delicacies served up at Soho’s De Maria. The all-day cafe, adorned with charming décor, proffers exciting menu selections like chili-turmeric bone broth, homemade tahini yogurt with apricot, sumac, urfa biber, and masa-chickpea fritters with ginger-garlic mojo. All of these delights can be washed down by a thoughtful selection of teas like the “digestive seeds,” made with fennel seed, anise seed, cumin 
seed, cardamon seed, and ginger root. Healthy meets delicious.

Another NYC newcomber is Dr. Smood, which was founded in Miami, but recently climbed the coast and is now popping up in several locations across the city. The juice-centric cafés boast “performance foods with benefits” offering detox programs and a menu selection based on nurturing your mood. From organic and raw snacks, salads, and sandwiches to creative elixir blends (think: young Thai coconut water + Chlorophyll) offered as “Booster” shots, you’ll feel healthier as soon as you set eyes on the menu.[vc_single_image image=”9509″ img_size=”full”]


Things are heating up at Higher Dose, NYC’s insanely-popular infrared sauna studio, where booking an appointment is an achievement. One session under the lights will help you detoxify the body (seven times more than a traditional sauna), shed your stress and anxiety, and help promote cell growth and boost circulation for anti-aging benefits. Choose a playlist to unwind to as you rid yourself of toxins under the lighting color of your choice. It’s the most relaxing way to work up a serious sweat.

You won’t have to choose between partying it up at the club and fitting in a sweat session now that Switch Playground has hit the scene. The South African-born fitness concept “takes you on a journey for the mind, body, and soul.” Set to a live DJ and professional lighting, Switch’s highly-skilled instructors lead you through a total-body workout mirroring a “labyrinth of playground activities.” The class is centered on the philosophy of fun so you won’t dread this high-intensity workout.[vc_single_image image=”9521″ img_size=”full”]


Even the big guns are getting in on the action (literally) as Saks joined the health-happy party by recently launching The Wellery at Saks Fifth Avenue at their flagship store in NYC. The pop-up features a Breathe Salt Room, toxin-free manicures and massages, and a fitness studio with rotating classes curated by some of NYC’s trendiest workout gurus (Bari Studio and Box + Flow), as well as guided meditations. The Wellery will occupy most of the massive second floor and will highlight more than 18 different health and wellness brands. That’s what we call a guilt-free shopping spree.

Which of these wellness spots would you want to check out in NYC? Tell us where you’ll be stopping by in the comments below.

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Meg is a NYC–based entrepreneur and editor, and she is co-founder and CEO of the healthy living and wellness app, Ellevate. She has a strong editorial background as a former editor for POPSUGAR and New York editor of DailyCandy. She’s always scouring the lifestyle marketplace to uncover the best new product, playlist, eatery, or wellness trend. Need to know what’s going on in the world of beauty, fitness, food, or fashion? Ask Meg.

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