how to create the perfect new year's goal

How to Create the Perfect New Year’s Goal

If you’re experiencing the New Year like us, your inbox is filled with New Year’s offers, your social accounts are layered with ads to help you lose weight and feel great, and every health club or wellness store out there is clamoring to get you to join and throwing around “massive” discounts.

It gets you thinking: what am I going to change this year? Or, most likely, what am I going to stop doing this year?

Ah – the (dreaded) New Year’s resolution…

Do you ever notice that once you take something away or say you can’t have it, you become “obsessed” with it?

We can remember the time we gave up bread …

All we wanted was then, well (you guessed it), bread.

Inevitably, when bread came into the picture, we ate way too much of it.

The thing is, for most of us, when we strictly ban something from our life, we focus on it. And we then want it even more than before.


That’s why we invite you to take a step back and think about what it is that you want to add to your life this year?  Not what you will take away, ban, or change, but what do you want more of?

Maybe to:

– Start drinking more water

– Spend more time with your family and loved ones

– Get out in nature more

– Exercise more in ways that are fun

– Have better boundaries between work and your personal life


What comes up for you?


Once you know what you want more of, run your 2015 goal across these three points to make sure it’s your perfect fit.

1. Is your goal important to you? And if so, why is it important to you?

If your goal isn’t important to you, then it’s not going to happen, so take a moment and ask yourself this simple (yet powerful) question. Once you’re clear that it is important to you, ask yourself why, so you have continual motivation pushing you forward.


2.  You feel it’s realistic

You may want to add more of something in your life, but if you feel you just can’t do it, then you’re already setting yourself up for self-doubt. And it’s hard to move beyond doubt. Keep your eye on the prize, but make your goal smaller, so it feels like you can do it. Remember, small steps count too and eventually, they’ll become large steps, landing you in the right direction.


3. You’re up for the challenge

You realize that your goal will require effort and for you to change some things around, but you’re game. You’ve let the important people in your life know what you’re doing (and asked for help, if needed), you’ve realized some slip-ups will be a part of your journey and that’s okay, and your reasons of why this is important to you stand clear and ring louder than ever before.

So, what will you be adding to your 2015??


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