7 Healthy, Active, and Fun Memorial Day Plans

Memorial Day Activities

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Memorial Day is coming up in just a few short weeks, so if you don’t have plans to skip town you can pack your weekend full of a mix of relaxing and active day trips. On long weekends like this, I typically tend to try to avoid the rush hour traffic on Friday and Monday night. Instead, use that time prep for your fun weekend with friends and family. Even if you are staying home, you can treat your weekend as if you are on vacation with these seven healthy and fun ideas.

Biking Trails

Living in New York City has taught me one thing: If I can bike here, you can bike anywhere. Whether you live in the country, city, or beach town, grab your bike and get outside for a few hours of fresh air. You can choose to go for a leisurely ride to town for lunch or grab a group of friends for a more intense ride. For a great bike tour to join in every state (and other countries), check out this guide.


If you want a beach weekend, and live close enough to drive, avoid high-season hotel rates and pick one day to make a day trip with your significant other or friends. Wake up early, hop in the car, and get an early start on the beach. Pack a picnic lunch and lots of healthy snacks and water, so you don’t have to leave. We love setting up beach games like Can Jam—and don’t forget to bring your portable speakers!

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

These days you don’t have to be in a true farm town to eat fresh and locally. The farm-to-table movement has driven amazing restaurants to pop up in cities and towns all across the country. Last year, Travel & Leisure released their list of their favorite farm-to-table hot-spots in every state. From brunch to a romantic dinner, there is certainly a farm-to-table meal to make your Memorial Day memorable.

Wineries or Breweries

We have been seeing small craft breweries and wineries pop-up all over the country. If Napa Valley is out of reach (or across the country), look out for a great brewery and winery in your surrounding area. Many of these local spots offer live music, tasting menus, and outdoor seating, so you can spend the afternoon sipping your favorite beverage. To avoid a hangover and stay hydrated in the heat, drink a water between each drink.


I personally love hosting friends for a great dinner party, and what is more fun than hosting and cooking outdoors? Get the outdoor furniture prepped, shop for seasonal ingredients, and get the grill fired up. For the best recipes, order Grill It! by go-to grill master Bobby Flay, and for side dishes and appetizers, order Parties! by Ina Garten.

An Afternoon at the Spa

This is your time away from work and you should be spending a bit of time relaxing and pampering yourself.  Head to your favorite spa for a morning yoga class, a healthy lunch, and spa treatments, like a massage or facial. Find your Zen while relaxing by the tranquility pool.

Kick Off Your Summer Reading

It’s that time of year, again. Make sure you kick off your summer reads with some addictive goodies. The June issue of Coastal Living magazine has the “50 Best Books for the Beach This Summer.” Rain or shine, curl up with a great book this Memorial Day. If you have any must-reads, we would love to know!

Are you planning to do any of the above this Memorial Day? Let us know in the comments.

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