Friday 5: How to Make Friends in a New City

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77 healthy crock pot recipes

1.) 77 Healthy Crock-Pot Recipes

Need some one-pot, crock-pot meals? Here are 77. (via Greatist).



10 best youtube channels for free fitness videos

2.) 10 Best YouTube Channels for Free Fitness Videos

With the New Year coming up, so are resolutions. Check out this awesome list of free workout video channels that you can do at home! (via Mashable)

apple snacks

3.) Apple, Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Seed Stacks

Need a new addition to your snack list? Try these super yummy (and healthy) apple stacks! (via PopSugar)





4.) How to Make Friends in a New City

Recently moved or moving? Or maybe you’ve been where you are for awhile, but haven’t made a ton of new friends? There are awesome how-tos inside this post. So, if this is you, give it a read. (via Levo League)




5.) 20 Scientifically Backed Ways to De-Stress Right Now

With more than usual family time,  a crazy schedule, and financial stress, the holidays can be tough. Take a step back and de-stress with one of these 20 scientifically backed ways. (via Huffington Post)