Hint and Ingress – a Fun and Easy Way to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

When I first heard about Ingress I was at the hint water headquarters where I work as the Director of Digital and it was regarding the code under the caps. I had not played augmented reality games before and had no idea what it was about. So I decided to give it a try.

My girlfriend had just gotten a brand new Galaxy 5 and it came with a free Android Tablet. After a quick search and free install the game came on and we saw it was basically google maps with a layover of dark fantasy and ambient music. There were blue and green fountain like portals all over where we live. We were not sure what to do at first so we went to our first portal at Alta Plaza Park in San Francisco. As we got closer to the entrance to the park the game started letting us know we could “Hack this Portal”. Hitting the hack button got us the key to the park, some bursters, and resonators. Adding “resonators” to the portal we effectively take it over and link it to other local portals. This is not a game you just turn on and play it’s a game that requires you to get out and explore!

ingress-hint-waterIngress starts you out with 8 training missions. Which help you learn the game but get you totally hooked. Portals in the game include historical landmarks, churches, hospitals, sculptures and places of significance. Sutro Park in San Francisco has a lot of landmarks. When we arrived we saw all these portals we wanted to capture and connect but for sure it was going to be a hike and some long walks. (At this point it was real obvious this game is secretly an exercise and fitness game) We captured Sutro fountain then proceeded to capture a tunnel of trees overhanging a cliff then to Sutro Gazebo where people get married.

Hint is a partner because hint and Ingress both want to make it fun and easy to live a healthier lifestyle.  Working at hint I learned under the caps are codes for the game. The codes are good for XM, bursters, and resonators. There is a video by Ingress of a person named Klue tipping players of the caps here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4Efc4DVCLQ. What is great is even at a low level if you have enough cap codes you can take out a level 8 enemy portal and stay hydrated while hiking all over the city.


As me and my girlfriend progressed through the game we noticed that now everywhere we go we notice any historic landmark as a potential portal. As time has gone by we have collected the keys to all these great landmarks creating a path of places visited in the game, but also in the process we have learned a lot about our city. We were surrounded with portals to visit and historical places we would have otherwise walked right by or never even noticed without Ingress. It’s quite eye opening to be immerged in an augmented reality game that actually enhances actual reality by teaching you about the history of your surroundings.

It has been 3 weeks now that we have been playing and we just hit level 5. In the game I get to look back at all the pictures of the places we have been and the portals that we own. A big part of the game is the competitiveness. There are two sides. The Resistance and the Enlightened. We chose the Enlightened.

hint-ingress-code-bursterWe feel a sense of ownership and belonging to certain places and must keep them full by recharging them and must make sure they are not taken over by the other team. It’s time to go for a walk or a hike. A nightly walk around my neighborhood to the church, to the Park, to the hospital up the hill and to the Buddhist temple to recharge the resonators, take our portals back, and re-link them. It sounds like a game (and it is) but it’s also a lot of exercise. You should see the hills we go up to complete this in San Francisco. Some are 45 degree angles! There have been many times my girlfriend and I have toured the city by foot capturing portals and come home absolutely exhausted.

The next aspect of the game gets more social in the real world and involves meet up’s with other players on Saturdays to go out as a team to take out the Resistance. We are really looking forward to that.

We cannot get enough Ingress. We love it and love playing it because we like to learn, travel, exercise, hike, walk, and be outdoors.




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Download Ingress at www.Ingress.com

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  1. AcousticButler
    AcousticButler says:

    Enlightened Agent from Columbus Ohio thanks you for the gear at purchase and gear at consumption.

    • sean
      sean says:

      Enlightened Agent from San Francisco who wrote this blog thanks you for reading and for your advocacy of hint water. Do some damage with that gear my friend.

      “Enlightenment is the next logical step for mankind. Do not resist. To resist, is to fight the inevitable. Accept enlightenment. Embrace its power. Evolve into the beings we were meant to be.”

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