Find Out What Our Dream Destination Is This Week!

Most of us have a long weekend to look forward to this week, and with an extra day and the icy temperatures around the country, we are dreaming of a summer getaway! One of the easiest ways to escape the cold domestically is to hop on a plane to South Florida! If you are lucky enough to find yourself here, stop by Miami and take in some cultural sights while soaking up the sun!Wynwood Miami

Our favorite Miami destination of the moment
is the Wynwood Walls. Wynwood Walls is in Miami’s Art district, Wynwood. The walls originated as a cultural rehabilitation project, transforming the barren warehouse space in the district into public works of art. The founders of the Wynwood Walls project decided that adorning the warehouses and walls with graffiti and street art was the perfect way to reinvigorate the area. The area is the perfect destination for photo-ops and features work for renowned local and international artists – and the best part is it is a public art installation, so it’s TOTALLY FREE!