Replicate the Fancy Toasts Your Favorite Celebs Love

I have a confession to make: I don’t like avocado toast. I may be the only millennial who feels this way (apparently too much avocado toast is why we can’t buy homes), but I still want in on the fancy toast trend. So I’ve collected a few drool-drawing toasts sans avocado from my favorite celebs’ Instagram accounts.

These celebs — who definitely aren’t worried about spending a pretty penny on toast — know just what I’m after. Not only are these toasts fancy, some are even… dare I say… healthy! I know I’ll be replicating all of these at home.

Karlie Kloss At The Butcher’s Daughter

If you know anything about Karlie Kloss, then you know that Kloss is a supermodel with an appetite that matches her height (she’s 6’1″, if you’re wondering). She’s regularly seen with pastry chef and good friend, Christina Tosi. The two even collaborated on a gluten-free cookie, now sold at Tosi’s famous bakery chain Milk Bar named Karlie’s Kookies. Simply put, Kloss knows where the best meals can be found.

photos via instagram / @karliekloss

For breakfast, Kloss is a regular at The Butcher’s Daughter, a trendy New York city cafe with additional outposts in L.A. Her meal of choice: the AB&J, 9-grain toast with homemade almond butter, banana, honey, and grapes. By switching out sugary jelly for fresh grapes, this toast skips one of the worst breakfast offenders, while providing a dose of healthy plant protein from the almond butter.

In The Kitchen With Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend are both known to be passionate cooks, but most of the time it’s Teigen you’ll find in the kitchen. This is especially true when she’s working on one of her cookbooks – her first, Cravings, came out in 2016 and was a best-seller, and she’s now hard at work on her second.

photos via instagram // @chrissytiegen

Sure, she’s known for extravagant brunch, but what is she cooking for a quick and hearty breakfast? Playing with the classic morning visual of an over-easy egg, Teigen’s toast dressed with raspberry jam, taleggio cheese, and lemon zest packs a flavorful punch alongside the playful appearance. Teigen makes her own jam so she can control the sugar content, but you can use whatever you’ve got on hand.

My favorite thing about Teigen’s recipe is how it plays with the classic flavors of cream cheese and jelly, but it’s all grown-up, especially with the bite from the lemon zest. With flavors like that, I’m ready to pre-order copy of her new cookbook.

Kiernan Shipka Is A Sqirl Girl

Best known for playing Don Draper’s daughter Sally in Mad Men, Kiernan Shipka is hardly a ‘50s woman. Having grown up in the spotlight, the starlet knows exactly what’s in style, whether she’s dressed in mermaid glam on the red carpet or out enjoying brunch at L.A.’s hippest spot, Sqirl.

For those who don’t know, Sqirl is all about toast. Bon Appetit’s review actually describes the cafe as “toast-forward.” Sqirl’s most famous toast also happens to be Shipka’s choice of breakfast, the ricotta toast. This toast is so well-known in foodie circles that it’s actually on the menu as “Famed Ricotta Toast” — it’s what Sqirl is all about.

photos via instagram // @kiernanshipka

So what makes this toast so famous? It’s really pretty simple: brioche, housemade ricotta, and fresh jam with your choice of flavor. Sqirl’s owner, Jessica Koslow is known for her jams, so you can’t go wrong no matter what flavors you choose. It’s absolutely indulgent, but ricotta’s also rich in protein and calcium, bringing some balance to this brunch.

Beyond Top Chef With Padma Lakshmi

It’s something of a running joke on Top Chef — Padma Lakshmi loves breakfast. The chefs make her breakfast in bed and sometimes she shows up at the chefs’ house and insists they cook for her while she’s still in her pajamas. But what does Lakshmi eat for breakfast when she doesn’t have a pack of professional chefs at her disposal? Sometimes she waits in line at Sqirl like the rest of us, but since Lakshmi is a talented chef in her own right, she’s more than prepared to whip up something delicious at home.

photos via instagram // @padmalakshmi

In addition to her morning cup of chai, Lakshmi puts a twist on the toast trend with a simple goat cheese and pomegranate slice, swapping out the pomegranates for jam in the offseason. So why pomegranates? Compared to other fruits and berries, pomegranate brings a lot of texture to often homogenous toast, and they’re rich in nutrients and fiber. Parts of the seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties and can help fight arthritis and memory issues. Pretty powerful for a piece of toast.

Toast has come a long way from being a basic breakfast or just a side to eggs, but don’t let it stagnate at the avocado toast level. Instead, take a cue from these stars and take your toast to the next level. You can really pack a complete breakfast onto a simple slice.

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