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The Best Photo Gadgets for Adventure Junkies

Are you an adventure junkie? Or an Instagram junkie? If you answer yes to either of these you will need some gadgets to snap the perfect picture of your travels on land or at sea. In today’s techie environment, there are hundreds of options out there. Without trying them all and spending a ton of money how are you to know which are best? I went ahead and did the research and picked my favorite photo and video devices in three affordable price ranges. Depending on your sport and needs, your options will vary.

Under $100: ProShot Case

Photo courtesy of ProShot Case

If you have an iPhone and want to take it with you everywhere invest in a ProShot Case. The beauty of this case is that you can use the camera (phone) you already own; The case makes your camera “invincible.” I like the sound of that. You will have full camera functionality while underwater or while wearing gloves. This is the only case which is waterproof up to 100 feet, making it the best iPhone case to use for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

ProShot is extremely easy to use, so you won’t miss a beat of your adventure. The volume down button cycles between camera modes and the volume up button activates the camera mode. Sleep mode saves battery when not in use and all pictures and videos are stored directly to your camera roll. I have found that it is so easy to take the perfect shot in the moment and since the images are on your phone it is easy to scroll, edit, and upload to social media and iCloud. The site offers a handful of different mounts and the case is also made to work with all GoPro mounts.

There are two different lenses which screw onto the case, the fisheye lens and the flat lens, and the image quality is great. Download the free ProShot app so you can use side buttons instead of the touch screen for easy footage—a big timer saver. They are available for iPhone 6/6s and 7 and will be launched for 6/6s Plus and 7 Plus shortly.

Under $300: GoPro HERO5 Session

Photo courtesy of GoPro

GoPro is always revolutionizing its products. The HERO5 Session is one of my favorite GoPro products to take on any and all adventures. If you are skiing, deep-sea fishing, or even just hanging out with friends at the beach, it is so easy to use and captures amazing images. The tiny camera not only shoots great photographs but also shoots stabilized 4K video and has a variety of new field of view modes. One of my favorite things about this camera is the simplicity; With a one-touch button at the top, there is no fussing. Simply hold down the button and take rapid-fire pictures or video instantly. With this camera you can auto-upload photos and videos directly to the cloud for easy viewing, editing, and sharing on the go.

Capturing your runs, dives, and swims has never been so hands-free; GoPro offers over 30 mounts that will work with the HERO5 Session so you can wear it, mount it, hold it, or attached it to your drone. I personally like the Chest Harness and the Floating Extension Pole (aka a selfie stick). GoPro is one of the best in the business and that is because of the clear and vibrant pictures and videos the cameras take. Attach the camera to your dog or baby or take it with you hunting, fishing, snowboarding, diving—the options really are endless.

Under $500: DJI Phantom 3 Drone

Photo courtesy of DJI Phantom

Drones are cool. There are no two ways about it. But they can also be expensive. The DIJ Phantom 3 runs at $499 and is one of the best on the market. The Phantom 3 is easy to set up and connects to your iPhone so you can see realtime footage of where you are flying and the images you are taking. The best part is that it is easy to fly with an intelligent flight system which automatically keeps your drone in the air and under your control and includes advanced stabilization technology for movie quality footage. You can send your drone out and fly it around without worry of losing it; you will be able to fly up to 25 minutes on a single charge, and the Intelligent Flight Battery will automatically remind you when power is running low.

The best part about this gadget is its accessibility. A few simple features make this drone easy to use for anyone, even without experience: a built-in camera, live footage accessible on your phone, and an intuitive flight system. One of the trickiest parts to operating a drone is the landing, but with a click of a button the Phantom 3 will return to you. The built-in GPS records take-off point so once you command a return (or signal is lost) it will come right back to that point. Take it with you deep-sea fishing and have the drone chase your boat, or let it film your skateboarding tricks, you can even use it to take footage at a wedding. The options are endless but it’s easy to use so you can bring it everywhere!

What are your favorite tools for outdoor photography?