6 Reasons an RV Is Better Than a House

For most, the “American Dream” involves a white picket fence and a wide grassy lawn. But for an increasing number of adventurous folks, it’s more about four (or eight!) wheels and a nice awning. RV ownership has increased steadily over the past decade, and more people are buying at a younger age than ever before. In fact, the fastest growing demographic of RV buyers are between 35 and 44 years old. Many of them are even choosing to forego “sticks and bricks” home ownership altogether in favor of full-timing in a recreational vehicle. Sound scary? Well, here are six reasons why an RV is better than a house.

If you don’t like your neighbors, get new ones!

Barking dog next door? Messy yard across the street? Loud parties every night? Not a problem when your house has wheels! In an RV park, you can be packed up and out faster than you can say, “Kids, get off my lawn!” Whether it’s to a new site, or a new campground altogether, you are free as a bird when you live in an RV. Pull in, make some new friends or move right along.

There’s no need to pack a lunch.

Al fresco dining takes on whole new possibilities when your kitchen comes along everywhere you go. No more soggy hours-old sandwiches at the beach when your house is parked at the waters edge! RV living cuts your outing prep time down, and opens your cuisine options up. So you can simply step inside and cook up a meal before hittin’ the waves again.

Your chores are finished in a flash.

It doesn’t take long to clean up a hundred or so square feet of living space. A quick swoop of the Swiffer and flick of the feather duster, and you’re ready to reward yourself with a crisp pinot gris. When you kiss a big house goodbye, along with it goes the need to rake the leaves, clean out the attic and organize the closets. When you downsize your living space, you up-size your leisure time.

Change your view with your mood.

Do you dream of having a house with an ocean view, but covet a city skyline too? In an RV, your home comes with any vista you choose, any day of the week. And with a wide range of accommodation types—from RV resorts to national parks to no-frills rest stops—you are only limited by your imagination (and budget). Your RV is your very own seaside escape, your downtown pied-à-terre and your woodsy cabin. Why commit to one type of dwelling, when you can have them all?!

You’ll never forget anything at home again!

Come across a hot tub and wish you’d brought your bathing suit? Weather turn cold and you didn’t bring a jacket? Not a problem in an RV! There’s no need to plan for every possible scenario when you hit the road IN your home. It’s such a freeing feeling knowing that you always have whatever you need, no matter what the day throws in your direction.

Collect memories, not things.

Living in a small space forces you to evaluate what’s important in life and learn to live simply. You begin to question whether you really need all of those kitchen gadgets, and how often you actually use the things overflowing from your closets. In an RV, every inch matters, and you fill it only with items you truly can’t live without. After a few weeks, it’s surprising to see how little you miss all the “stuff”!

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Sabrina was born and raised in Los Angeles, and began her love affair with travel while studying abroad in London. A commercial producer by trade, she’s managed to convince her art director husband to quit their jobs and travel around the world for a year - twice! The two enjoy life on the road so much, they’ve just moved into their renovated retro RV to explore the US indefinitely. Follow along with their upcoming adventures at and on Instagram @yes_kamp.