10 Must Follow Healthy Instagram Food and Fitness Accounts

Getting healthy. We all know the struggle of trying to stay healthy throughout the year, and how easy it is to slack off with our eating. If you need some daily inspiration to keep your health-kick and fitness on track, these are the accounts you should be following.

Luckily we don’t have to choose between delicious feasts and treating our body right. A whole new era of #healthyfood means we can oggle our fantasy meals, and feel good about eating them. So turn down the cake slice and start feasting your eyes on 10 of our favorite healthy-living Instagram accounts.

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It’s good vibes all around whenever you’re scrolling through 26-year-old Natasha Kadimi’s OrganicandHappy account – which promotes positive eating AND positive thinking. Whether it’s cold squeezed carrot juice or mini pomegranate cupcakes, O&H photos and captions will remind you everyday is a day to wake up feeling #grateful.


2. @thebodycoach

If you want to kick off 2018 with a bang, then “The Body Coach,” Joe Wick is your man. With over 1.7m followers, the trainer/author combines his low carb weight loss treats with high-intensity workouts to shed the holiday pounds in record time. Plus his account features inspirational follower transformations, so you can remind yourself there’s an achievable goal you’re working towards.


3. @anniskk

This food blogger based out of Helsinki has no problem of making her food look irresistible. Her bright and fruity breakfast bowls are picture perfect as well as healthy. She specializes in making plant-based vegetarian and clean food. Follow her account for more food inspiration and works of art.

4. @getfitwithgiddy

If you are looking for intense fitness inspiration everyday this is the account for you. This Men’s Health Magazine Top Trainer will give you all of the motivation to get through a workout. Gideon posts training tutorial videos as well as what event he will be at next. His positive energy and teamwork will encourage you to get outside and join in.


5. @whole30

No sugar, no alcohol, no dairy, no grains. If you want to join the millions who’ve lost weight, cleared their skin, or eliminated digestive problems through the Whole30 program, then following the Instagram account is a great way to get started, and stay engaged with the community. Because while the results speak for themselves, enduring the 30 days sometimes requires some camaraderie.


6. @thefoodbabe

A bit of an internet foodie celebrity, New York Times bestselling author, Vani Hari (AKA The Food Babe) is as influential as she is creative. A great account for bakers and for anyone looking to surprise picky eaters with treats they would never guess are so healthy.

Prep five of these this weekend and you'll have a healthy breakfast-to-go ready for the entire week ahead. . ​ Apple Pie Chia Pudding Serves: 4 Ingredients: ½ cup chia seeds 3 cups coconut milk 1 teaspoon apple pie spice, more as desired (see below for recipe) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 apple, shredded 2-3 tablespoons maple syrup (optional for additional sweetness) ½ cup coconut flakes ½ cup chopped walnuts (nut allergy: omit) Apple Pie Spice: 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg ½ teaspoon ground allspice ½ teaspoon ground ginger Instructions: To make the apple pie spice, mix together all of the ingredients in a bowl. To make the chia seed pudding, mix together all of the ingredients except the coconut flakes and walnuts. Place in the refrigerator overnight. To serve, place some of the chia seed pudding in a bowl. Sprinkle with some of the coconut flakes and walnuts. Enjoy!

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7. @loveandlemons

Author of her own cookbook and veggie-filled blog, Jeanine mixes up the most colorful and healthy dishes. She offers a wide range of recipes from different ways to top gluten-free toast, to rice bowls with a kick. If you ever need cooking inspiration, this is the page you should be looking at.


8. @massy.arias

Mom, health coach and fitness guru are just a few ways to describe Massy Arias. Taking on the health and fitness world, she has been successful in building her 30 day workout plan and launching her own gluten-free and soy-free supplement brand. She posts about how she is inspired to stay fit and take care of herself everyday because of her daughter.


9. @cleaneatsbytay

Tayler is an amazing chef and motivator. Her feed offers realistic health goals and recipes that include plenty of avocado. She posts frequently about her healthy journey and struggles she has encounters along the way. If you are searching for some well balanced advice, she the blogger for you.


10. @themediterraneandish

Using fresh Mediterranean ingredients, Suzy puts a spicy twist on real food. She serves up plenty of hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes and pita bread. Most of her recipes are simple and easy to follow for her followers. This account proves that healthy food doesn’t need to be bland, and that you can enjoy cooking and eating healthy.


When you take charge and motivate yourself to be healthy, it can turn a chore into a lifestyle, and being healthy will suddenly become easier. Follow your favorite fitness blogger or health nutritionist to stay on track with your health plan.

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