5 Must-Follow Healthy Instagram Food Accounts

It’s a New Year, which means a fresh wave of New Year’s resolutions. And the most popular one? Getting healthy.

Luckily we don’t have to choose between delicious feasts and treating our body right. A whole new era of #healthyfood means we can oggle our fantasy meals, and feel good about eating them. So turn down the cake slice and start feasting your eyes on 5 of our favorite healthy food Instagram accounts.

  1. @OrganicandHappy

It’s good vibes all around whenever you’re scrolling through 26-year-old Natasha Kadimi’s OrganicandHappy account – which promotes positive eating AND positive thinking. Whether it’s cold squeezed carrot juice or mini pomegranate cupcakes, O&H photos and captions will remind you everyday is a day to wake up feeling #grateful.

  1. @thebodycoach

If you want to kick off 2018 with a bang, then “The Body Coach”, Joe Wick is your man. With over 1.7m followers, the trainer/author combines his low carb weight loss treats with high-intensity workouts to shed the holiday pounds in record time. Plus his account features inspirational follower transformations, so you can remind yourself there’s an achievable goal you’re working towards.

  1. @Wilt.Life

We’re fans of this lesser-known account for one big reason: simplicity. The largely plant and raw-food-based account has recipes (like a quinoa/avocado bowl) that often take less 10 minutes and cost less than $10 to make. Better yet, the descriptions include calorie and protein count, with a minimalist aesthetic that reminds you eating healthy doesn’t require a culinary degree.


  1. @whole30

No sugar, no alcohol, no dairy, no grains. If you want to join the millions who’ve lost weight, cleared their skin, or eliminated digestive problems through the Whole30 program, then following the Instagram account is a great way to get started, and stay engaged with the community. Because while the results speak for themselves, enduring the 30 days sometimes requires some comradery.

  1. @TheFoodBabe

A bit of an internet foodie celebrity, New York Times bestselling author, Vani Hari (AKA The Food Babe) is as influential as she is creative. A great account for bakers and for anyone looking to surprise picky eaters with treats they would never guess are so healthy.

Know what other deliciousness we’re eying on Instagram this year (and really, every year)? Check out our hint Instagram account for pics from our travels and events, and behind the scenes at @hint HQ.

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  1. Tejaswini D
    Tejaswini D says:

    I love trying different kinds of food which are healthy and tasty and at the same time doesn’t make you fat and lazy. Definitely gonna follow this all Instagram accounts. Thank you so much.


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