5 healthy living apps you should have

5 Healthy-Living Apps You Should Have

Technology allows us to get the job done, but it (surprisingly) also allows us to live a healthier life.

Here are five of our favorite healthy-living apps.



1.) Lumosity

Train your brain to remember more, concentrate better, and improve your attention span. Lumosity is personalized, plus it’s fun, and allows you to track your progress. The app is free and available on the web, your iPhone, or your Android.


whole foods recipe app

2.) Whole Foods Market Recipes

Nop, you don’t need to shop at Whole Foods to use this app, but you can! This app lets you search for recipes by course, special diet, cuisine, category (i.e. budget friendly, cooking with kids, entertaining), and more. You can also create shopping lists and find recipes with ingredients you already have- our favorite part! If you are a Whole Foods shopper, you can score details on sales and more. The app is free and available on the iPhone and iPad.


calm app

3.) Calm 

We are obsessed with Calm. Calm is a free mediation app available on the iPhone and Android. It zens you out in seconds, seriously. Our favorite part is the website www.calm.com. Here, you can listen to beautiful music and/or blissful nature sounds, as you work on your computer. You choose. Plus, the imagery is breathtaking.


fooducate4. Fooducate

One of the only apps to look beyond calories, and help you learn what’s really in your food and how to make healthier choices. The super cool thing is you can scan barcodes to see what’s in a product you’re buying, and Fooducate will dish-up healthier options, if need be. The app also tracks your exercise and food intake to help keep you on a healthy track.  Available on the iPhone and Android for free.


jj 7 minute

5.  The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout

When we travel, this app always comes with. It’s awesome. With guidance, motivation, and a built-in timer, this app seamlessly takes you through workouts based on your fitness level.  Although it has “7-minute workout” in the title, the workout library has workouts up to 24 minutes that will seriously leaving you sweating and sore the next day. A great little companion for exercise on-the-go anywhere, as you need no equipment except you!


What healthy living apps are your favorite?