5 Girl Bosses You Need to Follow on Instagram

My life is usually pretty hectic and stressful, and so I use my social media channels to keep myself inspired, smiling and laughing throughout the day. One thing I’ve figured out is if I keep my feed full of inspiration, it keeps me motivated.

Here is my list of women who keep me motivated and inspired:

Whitney Wolfe Herd — @whitney


My first recommendation starts with @Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder, and CEO of Bumble, the empowering dating app. I was so excited when TheSkimm launched their podcast, and listening to their first episode with Whitney, I was in awe of her story. She took a negative experience in her life, and turned it into a positive energy for millions of people.

The great thing about Whitney’s feed is not only do you see the “highlight reel” of being an entrepreneur and get to know her personal story, but you also see the real, real stuff, too.

You might see team meetings at the Bumble HQ, or meetings with her new business partner, Priyanka Chopra. And, if you’re a fan of what Bumble is doing, you get to see it all first on Whitney’s stories. If nothing else, her dog is extremely cute and quite often shows up in a story!

Payal Kadakia Pujji — @payal


If you didn’t know the backstory, or couldn’t tell by this photo, ClassPass, a company founded by @Payal, was born out of Payal’s desire to let everyone “dance” in their own way to break a sweat.

ClassPass’ story aside, Payal is usually in a different city each week, whether she is speaking at conferences or performing on stage for Sa Dance Company, her platform to express the Indian-Americans through movement. One day you’ll get a quote that will inspire you to take that jump or insight into what it’s like being an entrepreneur who lives on a plane and travels with her hubby.

Also, if you haven’t listened to her episode on the Masters of Scale podcast, it’s a must.

Alli Webb — @alliwebb


In between meetings, blow-outs, and family time, Alli’s Instagram shows you her BTS view of being the founder of DryBar. She discussed her journey launching DryBar on Unstoppable, and since I heard it, I’ve been excitedly watching her stories, waiting to see what she’s going to do next (she’s currently speaking at an event in Turks & Caicos).

Also, if you’re a DryBar customer, Alli’s Instagram is where you get the first look at all things DryBar!

Emily Weiss — @emilywweiss

I’ve known about Glossier for a while, but never really knew much about Emily Weiss until I heard her speak at TC Disrupt this year with Ty Haney.

Emily was the founder of IntoTheGloss.com, a blog dedicated to exploring the beauty routines of inspiring women. As the site became more, and more popular, Emily developed Glossier, a beauty company that makes products inspired by those who use them — basically taking all the good things people love about their beauty routine, and developing products around that.

What’s really interesting, is Glossier’s first “website” was their Instagram page, and it’s apparent that Emily totally gets how to ‘gram.

But, aside from a great Instagram presence and feed, you see all of the behind the scenes at the offices of Glossier & IntoTheGloss, as well as new Glossier pop-ups even when they’re still under construction. Definitely worth the follow for my ‘gram.

Lucie Fink — @luciebfink


Lucie is someone you might recognize if you’re a reader or fan of Refinery29. She’s a video producer at Refinery29 and the host of YouTube series, Try Living with Lucie. She initially got her start through doing stop-motion videos at an advertising agency, before making the switch over to Refinery29. If you haven’t heard of her before, a good start is watching her Ted Talk.

In addition to being someone who immediately brings happiness when you open her stories, Lucie takes her audience behind the scenes of what it’s like working at one of the most well-known media companies there is.

One day you might see her behind the scenes shooting for her internet show series or a Snapchat Discover show; the next day, she could be designing her bullet journal, and another day she could be filming an ad for hint® water! It’s always a fun surprise, and Lucie does a great job of really “taking her audience” with her. She’s also a huge pizza fan, and I bet so are you.

Bonus: Kara Goldin — @karagoldin


Have you ever had hint water? The best-tasting water, ever? Yep, Kara Goldin is the founder and CEO, and also my boss, BUT even if she wasn’t, I’d STILL follow her.

Aside from living on planes, and showing her audience around the cities she lands in to speak in, Kara also shows you what it’s like to run one of the fastest growing brands in the country, and there’s no BS. On her stories, you’ll see a 6 AM flight from SF to LA, a noon flight from LA to Phoenix, and then a 6 PM flight from Phoenix back to SF. She seriously stays busy.

AND, her pups, Buster and Sadie, make appearances quite often, especially when it’s time to open the monthly Bark Box!

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