21 rules to live by in the new year

21 Rules to Live by in the New Year

As 2015 is about to come rolling in, we’re looking back and reflecting.

Here are 21 rules we plan to live (more) by this New Year. We hope they inspire.

1. Trying new recipes, so we get out of our usual food funks.

2. Inviting more friends over and rekindling good times.

3. Letting go of where we’re not and focusing on all that we have right now.

4. Waking up each day with a powerful intention to do more good.

5. Doing new fun things that we haven’t done, like go-karts or hiking the largest mountain near us.

6. Getting out in nature more.

7. Spending less time connecting via phone or text and more time connecting in real life.

8. Forgiving and letting our grudges, doubts, and fears go, so we can enter 2015 with a clean free slate.

9. Counting our gratitudes every day by writing what we’re grateful for.

10. Spending more time with the ones we love.

11. Letting go of habits that don’t meet our vision.

12. Choosing to let the relationships that don’t support us (naturally) fade and nurturing the ones that do instead.

13. Deciding to grow (instead of shrink) from the obstacles that stand before us.

14. Finding something to laugh about every day.

15. Letting those that mean the most to us know that they meant the most to us.

16. Giving back to those who have stood by us on our journey.

17. Creating new partnerships, friendships, and relationships that spark joy, gratitude, and fun.

18. Standing up for our values (and truth) no matter what.

19. Carving out time (even if just 10 minutes) each day to reconnect with ourselves.

20. Reaffirming every day that no matter how hard the task, with hard work, we can do it.

21. Choosing to see the good in all (even our struggles).

Cheers to a beautiful 2015!

What would you add to this list?