20 reasons to be excited about fall

20 Reasons We’re Excited for Fall

With autumn just a couple weeks away (September 23rd is the official first day of Autumn), we’re excited!

Here are the 20 reasons we’re excited for fall:

  1. Pumpkin everything will be everywhere
  2. Pumpkin picking and pumpkin carving is right around the corner
  3. Which leads us to pumpkin seed roasting (yum!)
  4. Apple chips will be back!
  5. Apple picking becomes a must do
  6. New seasons of our favorite shows come back
  7. Football games make for more fun get-togethers
  8. Pinterest is chock-full of easy fall DIY projects
  9. Sparkling apple cider hint fizz makes an appearance – for a limited time only!
  10. The leaves start to turn beautiful colors
  11. The holidays are just around the corner
  12. Winter squash returns and that means so does, spaghetti squash! 
  13. You can totally wear scarves and hats and not feel weird about it
  14. You can break out your boots too!
  15. You’ll soon be able to have weekend movie days, all bundled up in pjs (during the day), and not feel like a recluse
  16. Oatmeal and hot quinoa breakfast cereals return to the morning mix
  17. No more hot hot heat
  18. The smell of crisp air
  19. Chunky sweaters return
  20. The smell of warm seasonal spices return

Why are you excited about fall?