10 tools every healthy kitchen should have

10 Tools Every Healthy Kitchen Should Have

Looking to eat healthier, feel healthier, and simply be healthier? Well, your kitchen is the first place to start. By simply eating at home more, you’ll significantly reduce the amount of added sugar, fat, and sodium, which will naturally have a nice affect on your waistline.

Here are 10 tools every healthy kitchen should have.


1.) Mason Jars

Salad in a jar, anyone? Mason jars are the simplest, easiest way to bring salad to work or wherever your travels may take you without anything getting soggy or gross. Plus, they’re super fun to make! Check out some recipes and how make a salad in a jar here.



2.) Zester/Grater

A microplane zester is a simple way to grate lemons, limes, and oranges to add truly natural flavor to any chicken, fish, or seafood dish. Plus, you can use them to grate cheese for a proper portion that makes your dish pop! And, of course, we can’t forget how this little tool (ever so awesomely) grates garlic and ginger in an instant for mega healthy flavor to add to any (lucky) dish.


fruit basket

3.) A Fruit Basket

It’s pretty simple. We’re more likely to eat what we see. Make the good stuff obvious in your kitchen. A simple fruit basket that’s in plain view can make a big difference.


ice cube trays

4.) Ice Cube Trays

Pop fruit into an ice cube tray with hint water for an extra touch of fun and/or use your ice cube trays to mix olive oil with fresh herbs and spices to use in a pinch for any sauté dish!


measuting spoons

5.) Measuring Spoons

It’s pretty simple. If you’re going to be cooking, you’re going to be measuring. A set of measuring cups would also fit in perfectly here (wink, wink).


menu planner

6.) Refrigerator Board

Part of a healthy kitchen means planning for a healthy kitchen. Whether a regular white board or a calendar, find what works for you and plan out your dinners and grocery items (and meals/snacks).



7.) A Spiralizer

Spiralize your heart away! Make noodles with carrots, zucchini, beets, or any veggie that fits your fancy. A fun way to add more vegetables to your day and decorate your plate with bright, vibrant, delicious color.



8.) A Steamer

If you don’t have a steamer, we seriously hope you go out and buy one ASAP! They’re an easy way to cook veggies while maintaining their nutrients while cooking and (bonus!) you can cook them with nothing else added.



9.) An Oil Mister

A super simple way to add flavor to your food without heavily dosing it in oil. Bonus (fun) idea: add herbs to your olive oil while in the mister.


apple slicer

10.) Apple Slicer

Easily cut up your apples and pears with this slicer, so you can take these simple, affordable hand fruits with you anywhere without the whole piece getting bruised. Plus, when the fruit is already sliced, you’re probably more likely to eat it.

What’s your favorite kitchen tool?