10 Summer Dates

10 Refreshing Twists on Summer Date Classics

At Hint water, we’re big believers in a fun twist on a classic (good ol’ fashioned H2O with a bit of fruit essence, anyone?). So why not apply that philosophy to switch up the classic romantic rendezvouses. After all, summer is the perfect time to freshen things up.

Here are 10 refreshing twists on summer date classics! These 10 summer dates are some of our faves.


The Classic: Take the Pooches for a Walk

The Hint Way: Volunteer at your local pet shelter. Nothing like a little bit of puppy love to make the dog days of summer more bearable.


The Classic: Picnicking in the Park

The Hint Way: Midnight picnic in the Park. Grab a bunch of blankets, a bottle of wine and get ready to star-gaze. Extra points for packing s’mores ingredients and a mini-grill to roast them.


The Classic: Trip to the Water Park

The Hint Way: Go fountain-hopping! Take a page out of La Dolce Vita’s play book and head to any campus or park to splash around like no one’s watching.


The Classic: Wine-Tasting

The Hint Way: Challenge your better half to a cocktail making contest. Whoever puts up the tastiest original drink wins! Invite friends over afterwards to judge your concoctions.


The Classic: A Movie

The Hint Way: Film your own! Sit down to script the next blockbuster. Amp up the romance by featuring your relationship. Think of the most memorable moments so far, then set out to capture your reenactments on film.


The Classic: Nature Walk/Hike

The Hint Way: Go on an urban hike in the nearest city. Make it extra interesting by taking a guided tour by stray boots, an app that guides you on a city-specific scavenger hunt.


The Classic: Sit-down Dinner

The Hint Way: Visit your local farmer’s market or explore a food festival. With so many new tastes and yummy foods, it’ll be hard to not find things to talk about.


The Classic: Watch a Sporting Event

The Hint Way: Get out of the stands and on to the field. Invite another couple (or challenge your date!) to a mini olympics. Compete against each other in a series of activities that get your heart pumping.


The Classic: Camping Trip

The Hint Way: Revisit your childhood and build a pillow fort in your living room instead. Tell ghost stories and cozy up in sleeping bags, without worrying about the bug bites!


The Classic: Go out Dancing.

The Hint Way: Take dancing lessons. Nothing is more romantic (or hilarious) than holding each other close and learning some new moves.