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Kara’s Korner: Take Two Minutes to Show You’re Different

“Take Two Minutes to Show You’re Different: Say Thank You” was originally posted by hint Founder & CEO, Kara Goldin, on LinkedIn here:

One thing I’ve noticed this month is the power of a genuine, heartfelt, immediate thank you.

Take two minutes to show you’re different; thank you is not just a courtesy, it’s a currency.

Because of my philosophy–if you help, it will eventually come back to you–I spend a lot of time mentoring people. I spend at least two or three hours a week. Fifty percent of those people take the time to say thank you. Whether you are starting out in business or have been a serial entrepreneur for twenty years, it makes huge difference.

Last week, a young man starting a beverage company asked me for two hours of help. “How do I do this, how do I launch it?,” he asked. During that one meeting, I gave him a million dollars worth of consulting advice. Afterward, I waited to hear how he implemented some of the ideas. And I waited. Nothing came. It was an oversight, certainly. But it got me thinking: in a world that depends so much on connections and kindness, the people who will ultimately succeed are the people who are polite, positive, and proactive about closing loops.

Thank you is a business skill—it is worth teaching to your kids

I’ve talked with my kids about this. My daughter is applying for high schools, and someone is helping her with her applications. I tell my daughter, “ you need to tell her how much you appreciate it and also follow up to make sure she knows what ended up happening.” By doing just that, you elevate yourself in so many ways. Remembering to follow up and express gratitude is not something most people do. When you do, it sets you apart – in business and in life.

I’ve been on the receiving end of that kind of graciousness recently. I spoke recently at a National Association of Women Business Owners event. Two different members of the organizing team emailed me within a few hours afterward with wonderful thank you emails. People I know take time out of my day, and I typically get paid for going and speaking. Some events I’ll do because I think they’re good organizations. Others I do because I believe in the cause. This was the latter. And the thank you made a huge difference. I also thanked them because I was honored by the opportunity. It took two minutes.

Think about the people who fly in to meet you…who take your calls…who cut your checks. Remember the people who invite you to events…who are there for you every day, in ordinary life. Whether that person is your manager, your son, or someone pouring your coffee, they’ve done something worth noticing and appreciating. A simple thank you is effective and powerful. And you never know that ripple effect that might have, now or in the future.