Father's Day

Father’s Day 2016 Gift Guide

With Father’s Day less than a week away, you’ll need to start looking for the perfect gift for the number one man in your life. Whether he is one for the outdoors or indoors, prefers to grill or to stay updated on the latest tech accessories, or everything in between, we have a gift idea for your dad!


Fitbits are a super cool and convenient way to track your activity throughout the day. There are different models designed to fit your needs. Want a simple tool that tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned for the day? Try the Zip. Want a “smart fitness watch” that tracks your sleep, heart rate, has GPS and music control, among various other things? Try the Blaze. Find the perfect fitbit for your dad with the comparison tool.


Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Have your dad choose the blade he prefers, add a couple of original products from the Dollar Shave Club’s line of shaving cream, hair products, wipes, and soap, and order it up! Your dad will get a box every month filled with the goodies you picked!



Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is your personal assistant in your own home. Named “Alexa”, this device responds to your requests when you address her. She’ll play your music, answer questions, report weather and traffic, make your grocery list, and so much more. New features are constantly being added, so what Alexa can do for you is nearly endless. Your dad will especially love it when he missed the last baseball game and Alexa can tell him the final score.


College/Sports Team BBQ Set

For the dad who loves to grill, you can get a themed BBQ set! Customize it with his favorite sports team or alma mater. Four piece sets include a spatula with the team logo on it, tongs, a basting brush, and a fork. The tools have the team logo on each handle, too. This set will make grilling even more enjoyable and fun for your dad.




The iGrill2 is a bluetooth powered grilling thermometer. You can monitor up to four different temperatures through the iDevices® Connected app. This will make grilling easy and convenient when he is entertaining – Dad can hang out with guests while he’s cooking, and be alerted when his meat is done.


Wallet Phone Case

My dad likes to call this a “callet”. This new craze makes having a separate wallet look like a hassle. This phone case has a slot on the back where you can store cards and cash. That way, the essential things you need are stored right in the back of your phone. Your dad will love the accessibility of this, and the fact that he needs to remember one less thing when he’s running out of the house.


Sonos Bluetooth Speakers

Sonos Play: 5 speakers is the only way to go when searching for the perfect bluetooth speakers for your dad. Your dad can control the speakers from his smartphone, and he can play any music he wants. This is great for entertaining, when he’s working out at home, fixing something, or just hanging out.



These are a classic. Comfort is a top priority after a long day of work, and these UGG slippers provide just the right amount. They’ll keep your dad’s feet warm and toasty while providing relief to achy feet.



This device uses soothing lights and sounds to help your dad fall asleep on nights his thoughts just won’t leave him be. He can choose from one of the built-in sounds, or he can connect his own music, or sounds, and listen to those as he falls asleep. He will feel relaxed and sleepy as bedtime rolls around once he gets his hands on one of these.



Hint Water Variety Pack Subscription

Dad is usually the one tasked with lugging the heavy groceries. This Father’s Day, give him an unsweet treat AND a break with a hint subscription! Not sure what his favorite flavor is? We’ve got you covered – the Variety Pack subscription!