gold leaf

5 Fun Thanksgiving Table Ideas

We loved these Thanksgiving table ideas and thought you would too!


what i am grateful for

1.) A Simple Homemade Placemat

Share your thanks at the table in a fun, memorable way. (via Whimsical Home & Garden)



gold leaf

2.) Gold Leave Place Holders

Find some large gorgeous leaves, spray paint them gold, and write your guests’ names. Simple yet beautiful. (via Elements of Style)



gold pine cone

3.) Pine Cone Place Holders

You can simply snag a bunch of mini pine cones and stick a name card in there, or you can opt for a fancier gold and glitter version. Either way, you can’t go wrong! (via Simple Little Details)



fruit bird

4.) A Thanksgiving Fruit Center Piece

Whether you need a centerpiece that no one will forget, or if you just want to wow your guests with a tasty and healthy appetizer, this fruit bird is for you! Have fun replicating and eating this tasty treat! (via Not My Own)




5.) A Thanksgiving Table Game Idea

Bring family time to a whole new level with this awesome table game idea. It’s festive, free, and fun. You really can’t go wrong. Perfect conversation starters! (via celebrations)