The Best Thing To Happen To Bottled Water, Since Basically Ever

We’re not exaggerating. This product is that good. And we’ll prove it to you.


Think of your favorite bottled water brand. Now imagine the store you’re at doesn’t carry that brand… it only carries a competing brand. Dasani people have to drink Aquafina and vice-versa. Now think –– do you really care? Do you even notice a difference? We’re guessing not.


See the first bottled water was sold in 1767, and nothing has really changed since then. Water is simply water — it’s all literally the same chemical compound, and no amount of fancy lettering or hyped up natural source is going to change that.

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Which is fine. We need water to survive, and the taste of simple water is amazing to some people. But there are also many of us who wonder if water can’t get a tad more exciting? Getting your daily recommended 8 cups of water can get difficult when you feel like you’re chugging the same bland taste every day. You want juice, or maybe crave soda, but you’ve read the growing body of research about the dangers of sugar, and are trying to stay healthy.


Now imagine grabbing a bottle of water, only this time your favorite water has a subtle hint of fruit flavor.  Like how your grandma puts lemon in your ice water, except your water can be flavored with anything from pineapple to watermelon to cherry.


Then imagine that drink has zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, zero GMOs, and is Whole30 approved – and you get hint water. If you’ve ever worked in Silicon Valley, you’ve likely seen the hype firsthand, and if you don’t, then there are starter bundles that can give you a sense of what we’re talking about.


But be warned – you’re probably going to get hooked. There hasn’t ever been a product like this on the market. The founder, Kara Goldin, turned her home recipe into a business because her kids’ friends were literally begging for more of her water when they went home. Again, these are sugar-obsessed kids, begging for water over juice and soda. We told you… it’s that good!


It doesn’t have any of that fake tasting sweetness you get with Crystal Light or any of the sugar that other “healthy” drinks, like Vitamin Water, contain. It has a subtle but tasty flavor that keeps you reaching for more. All of the hydration, without sugar crashes (or diabetes). The only side effect is what’s been called “hint hoarding” as office mates will grab their favorite flavors from the fridge to avoid them running out of stock during the day. Sneaky…


If you’re looking to get in on the hint craze, their most popular flavors are pineapple, cherry, blackberry, and watermelon –– though you may want to start yourself off with their top bundles. And if your employer doesn’t stock any, just shoot this link over to your office manager to get the ball rollin’. 


So try it. And if you find a better invention in bottled water, you can prove us wrong. We’ll wait.


Want to give this breakthrough beverage a try? Hint is currently offering the best-sellers pack for only $39, delivered to your door (that means no shipping costs). Just make sure to use this special link. Go forth, and stay hydrated

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Erin Browner is a writer living in San Francisco. When she’s not chowing down on vegan baked goods (the Cheesy Chive Scone from Wholesome Bakery is her favorite), she’s on her yoga mat, loving her cats, or riding her bike through Golden Gate Park.

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