3 Reasons You Need Peppermint Water

You may have had cookies, brownies or eggnog, but you likely haven’t had peppermint hint water… yet! Upon the first sip, you feel as if you’re hosting a Christmas party in your mouth.

If you’ve ever tried other hint water flavors, you know that hint goes above and beyond with their flavor profiles, so we had to put together some drink recipes with the peppermint hint water to try out before Christmas.

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Our first recipe was a Christmas twist on a classic party drink, a mojito.

Peppermint Hint Mojito

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mint leaves, lime, ice, white rum, blackberry hint fizz, peppermint hint water


First, fill a glass of ice.

Add 1.5 ounces of white rum,

Toss in 5-7 fresh mint leaves,

Squeeze one lime in,

Add 1/3 cup of blackberry hint fizz

Top it off with peppermint hint water

Our second drink was a twist on a classic winter drink — hot chocolate.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate


peppermint hint water, fresh cocoa powder


First, add the fresh cocoa powder to your mug,

Heat up 12 oz. of peppermint hint water and pour it into your mug,

Stir and enjoy!

Our final drink, for the morning after your mojitos, is a hint mint green smoothie.

Mint Green Smoothie


fresh spinach, peppermint hint water, pineapple, frozen banana, cacao nibs, ice


Peel the banana (1), and add it to the blender with spinach (1 cup), pineapple (1/2 cup), cacao nibs (1 tablespoon) and ice (1/2 cup),

add 12 ounces of peppermint hint water,

blend, pour, sip, and enjoy!

There’s always room to switch up your Christmas party, and hopefully one of these recipes help you do just that!

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