4 Workout-Anywhere Gifts to Ask Santa For

If your goal is to get in shape after the holidays, and you don’t want the gym membership, ask Santa for some new workout equipment. These must haves are easy to travel with, affordable, and effective. Most of them come with tons of exercise videos, which you can find on the companies’ websites or YouTube to give your workouts a boost.

This year, ask Santa for workout gifts you can use anywhere.


The TRX was designed by Navy SEAL commando Randy Hetrick to keep his team in perfect condition on the go. It is the ultimate exercise tool for a full-body workout you can do anywhere. The Home Gym kit comes with TRX® Home Suspension Trainer, two anchoring solutions, and six digital workouts.

Get the Portable Home Gym by TRX.

Jump Rope

Jump roping burns more calories than running, tones lower body muscles, improves coordination, and is excellent for cardiovascular health. The best part is they fit perfectly in a stocking. Everyone should own a good jump rope. Ideally, you want one that is adjustable to your height with slightly weighted handles.

Try the Premium Jump Rope by Survival and Cross.

Weighted Vest

This weighted vest is used by BodyRock to improve speed, strength, and overall fitness during body weight training, jogging, jumping, or other fitness activities without hindering movement. It’s also a great way to burn extra calories and improve muscle density. The BodyRock website also offers a ton of quick HIIT workouts.

Check out the Weighted Vest by Body Rock.

Tiger Tail

Trainers know that foam rolling is essential to reducing injury during workouts and speeding up recovery time through self-myofascial release (aka giving yourself a deep tissue massage). However, they are bulky and hard to travel with. The Tiger Tail is a smaller version that fits easily in your gym back or suitcase and is incredibly effective. This is the perfect for young, old and everything in between.

Ask for the Classic Tiger Tail this Christmas.

What fitness gear do you travel with? Share with us below.

About the Author

Linda Niazi studied Nutrition and Psychology at UCDavis. She went on to become an NASM and ACE certified trainer in 2009 and has been an active health and wellness coach through her three pregnancies (2011, 2012, and 2015). She is currently continuing on to become a Precision Nutrition Coach and well as a Performance Enhancement Specialist.

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