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New Study Says Weekend-Only Exercise Is Just as Beneficial

Don’t have time to work out on the weekdays? This may not be a problem, according to a new study published this month in the Journal or the American Medical Association. Experts recommend that individuals get 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week in order to increase health and reduce the chance of dying prematurely. The question was: Is it ok to get all of these minutes of exercise in 1 or 2 sessions on the weekend, or do they have to be spaced out evenly over the week to see benefits?

Good news for the “weekend warriors” who like to do long runs, bike rides, and marathon bootcamp sessions on the weekends; getting your recommended 75 to 150 minutes in 1 or 2 sessions appears to be enough to reduce the chance of dying from cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. There was virtually no difference in the reduction between weekend warriors and regular exercisers.

While these findings are very encouraging to those who may be too busy during the work week to fit in regular gym sessions, it is important to note that this study does have limitations. The data come from self-report surveys, the Health Survey for England and Scottish Health Survey. When people self-report physical activity, they have a tendency to overstate how much they are working out. Even with this potential bias, these results can motivate anyone who only has time to work out on the weekends.

When do you work out during the week?