The Travel Workout From Fitness Expert Sara Haley

sarah3When you are traveling, not only can finding the time to work out be a challenge, but, moreover, figuring out what to do to actually get in a good workout. This is why I created my Sweat UNLIMITED downloads.  You can put them on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and take them with you.  Plus, you don’t need any equipment. I’ve shared three exercises here with you to give you a sneak peak at an awesome travel workout, but also, do give you an idea of the kind of equipment-free workouts you can create on your own!


The best way to get the most out of your workout is to work the body from head to toe, while getting your heart rate up (cardio and strength training all in one!).  Try to choose a lower body, an upper body and a core exercise.  Perform each exercise for one minute back to back (30 seconds on each side), rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat the circuit as many times as you can.



1) Side Lunge Touch Downs: Begin with your feet together and hands behind the head to open up the chest. Step the right leg out into a deep side lunge, keeping the knee aligned with the foot. The opposite leg should stay perfectly straight. While keeping the chest lifted, push the butt back, and “touch down” with the left hand.  Push off the moving leg and return to standing.  Repeat for 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

2) Single Arm Tricep Dips:  From a seated position, turn your fingers towards your booty, and lift your body off the floor.  Touch the right hand to the left shoulder.  Bend the left elbow, contracting the triceps, to lower the body closer to the floor, and then push back up.  Repeat for 30 seconds, before switching sides. (Feel free to modify with both hands on the floor and go for 60 seconds total.)

3) Side Plank Kick-Outs: Lie on one side with your forearm on the floor. Make sure your body is in one line from your elbow to your hips to your feet.  Lift your bottom hip up off the floor as you pull your navel to your spine & squeezing your butt.  Lower down and repeat with the addition of kicking the top leg out to the side. Feel free to modify by keeping the knee of the bottom leg on the floor, so you are carrying less weight. Repeat for 30 seconds. Change sides.



Exercise Travel Tips: 

1) Something is better than nothing! That’s why Sweat UNLIMITED has 5, 15, 30 and 45 minute options.

2) Make sure you don’t get dehydrated – drinking HINT will give you a hint of flavor while staying hydrated and healthy before, during & after your workouts!

3) Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout – enjoy your travels and just try to get a workout in as often as you can.


Sara Haley – Fitness expert and creator of The Daily Sweat

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