The Quench’s Top 5 Workout Products of the Week

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With all the fitness apps, cleanses and workout programs available that promise quick results for minimal work, it can be hard to decipher which of those to invest your time and money towards. In searching for products to help you attain your goals, you should look for those that you can fit into your lifestyle and offer you some incentive to keep coming back. Even with that, no product will give you your desired results unless you remained consistent and disciplined in utilizing it to optimize the returns you receive.

Here are our top 5 weekly workout products to help you hit those goals:

  1.    The Booty Kit Belt Resistance Training Band Workout System

Who doesn’t want a nice, firm ass? The Booty Kit Belt not only is a simple product but comes with a workout guide from some of the best female trainers in the fitness industry and includes several targeted stretches and workouts to help lift and sculpt your butt by just squeezing in a few moments out of your day.

Buy it here: The Booty Kit Belt Resistance Training Band Workout System

  1.    Liforme Yoga Mat

There is nothing more useful for those at-home exercises than a proper yoga mat to help take some of the pressure of your joints. The Liforme yoga mat is made from the most eco-friendly materials and processes and is made with a revolutionary material for superior grip. It also includes an alignment system that helps you keep the focus on your balance while practicing your Crane Pose.

Buy it here: Liforme Yoga Mat

  1.    Tangram Smart Rope

One of the oldest forms of cardio is still one of the best. This smart rope not only counts your jumps mid-air but it also syncs with a majority of wearables on the market to keep track of calories burned and jump count. You can compete against your best count, your friends and also unlock awards.

Buy it here: Tangram Smart Rope

  1.    LifePro 4 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

After any solid workout comes the need to recover. The LifePro 4 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller not only provides different speeds of vibration to help work the stiffness out of your muscles, but it also comes with a workout manual from some of the world’s best trainers to help assist you in your workout goals, as well instructions on how to recover from those workouts and improve your mobility and flexibility.

Buy it here: LifePro 4 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

  1.    Wrightsock Coolmesh II Crew Running Socks

While having the proper shoes for a workout is of extreme importance, it’s equally of importance to have a comfortable sock during those activities. The Wrightsock features a double-layer anti-blister system and includes a no blisters guarantee. The socks are also designed to keep your foot cool to help prevent sweating and chafing.

Buy them here: Wrightsock Coolmesh II Crew Running Socks

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