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How to Find the Right Running Shoe

I have always loved to run. Ever since I was a wee tot, I have…
running shoe

A Quick Arms and Shoulder Workout

Long hours exercising and big gym memberships aren’t necessary…
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How to Make Kale Chips in 5 Simple Steps

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a fad free guide to weight loss

A Fad-Free Guide to Weight Loss

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5 ways to get your kids to drink more water

5 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Drink More Water

In the age of health food and junk food disguised as health food,…
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Weight Loss: Why Overeating Doesn't Make You Fat

Do You Have FLC Syndrome? Food addiction—literally, true biological…

How to Energize Your Day Healthfully

If you find yourself dragging every afternoon, that’s probably…

5 Super Simple Ways to Eat More Veggies

Better for you. Better for the environment.

The Travel Workout From Fitness Expert Sara Haley

When you are traveling, not only can finding the time to work…