5 Omega-3-Rich Foods That Aren’t Fish

Omega-3s are an essential fat your body needs in balanced amounts. They are powerful anti-inflammatories and have been proven to fight depression and anxiety, improve eye health, improve risk factors for heart disease, help with weight loss among dozens of other benefits.

Check out these five omega-3 rich foods and enjoy the variety!


Flaxseeds are excellent for healthy skin and hair, weight loss, lowering cholesterol and digestive health. One ounce contains 8 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of Omega-3s. They are also a great source of vitamin B6, iron, potassium, copper and zinc.

Try this One-Minute Flax Muffin by

Hemp Hearts

A 30-gram serving of hemp hearts contains a whopping 10 grams of complete and highly digestible protein, and they are the only seed to contain the perfect balance of Omega-6 to 3s (4:1). Their light and nutty flavor makes them easy to add to sweet or savory foods and even eat straight out of the bag.

Try this Choco Hemp Zuccnini Loaf by Manitoba Harvest.

Chia Seeds

This popular superfood contains 11-grams of fiber, 4-grams of protein, and 5-grams of Omega-3s per ounce. It also provides a good amount of calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus zinc, vitamin B3, B1, B2, and Potassium.

Chia seeds are great for healthy puddings or try this 2-Minute Apple Mug Muffin by the Civilized Caveman Cooking.


Walnuts are antioxidant powerhouses, packed with Vitamin-E, folate, melatonin and just 1-ounce (14 halves) gives you 94% of your DV of omega-3s.

Try topping your favorite dishes with crushed walnuts or try these Walnut Veggie Balls by the New York Times.

Pasture-Raised Egg Yolks

Studies show that pasture raised chickens, that feed on insects, seeds and grains, produce eggs that are lower in cholesterol and higher in healthy omega-3 fats. Since the yolk contains all of the nutrients and half the protein of the whole egg, don’t throw them out.

Enjoy whole egg omelettes or try this homemade mayonnaise recipe by Epicurious.

How do you get your Omega-3s? Share below.

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Linda Niazi studied Nutrition and Psychology at UCDavis. She went on to become an NASM and ACE certified trainer in 2009 and has been an active health and wellness coach through her three pregnancies (2011, 2012, and 2015). She is currently continuing on to become a Precision Nutrition Coach and well as a Performance Enhancement Specialist.

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