15 Oddly Fun Exercises To Do Without Even Going to the Gym

Maybe it’s time to take a break from a repetitive, unexciting gym routine. Or maybe you despise conventional exercise so much, you’ve never even stepped foot in a gym, let alone stuck with a solid routine. Regardless, there are plenty of fun ways for you to get moving that are such a great time, you won’t even notice breaking a sweat.

Fun Exercise Rollerblading

Here are 10 ways to exercise without hitting the gym.

1. Visit a trampoline park and jump around.


2. Rock climb. It’s possibly the best (and most fun) workout for your arms.


3. Go out dancing. Hit the town with friends and boogie down.


4. Play active video games that get you off the couch, like Wii Tennis or Just Dance on Xbox Kinect.


5. Hit the bowling alleys. This classic entertainment is a great substitute for a low-intensity workout.


6. Be a tourist in your own city. Sight-seeing requires a lot of walking, so have a stay-cation and check out all the local sites.


7. Volunteer. Most opportunities to give back call for a fair amount of physical exertion. Sign yourself up to build a home for the needy or clean up your local park.


8. Find a pickup game. Look for a *casual* game of Ultimate Frisbee or soccer in your area and join in!


9. Go ice-skating or rollerblading. If conventional methods of cardio aren’t your thing, try lacing up a pair of skates.


10. Walk a pet. Take Fido out for a romp to add activity to your day.


11. Go swimming. Whether you reside in warm weather or have a local YMCA you can dip in, swimming is the easiest way to get a full body workout.


12. Ride your bike. Ride to work, ride for small grocery trips, ride to your friend’s house, but avoid hills.


13. LARPING. It stands for live action role playing. If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, try organizing a game of Quidditch.


14. Play catch. Planning a picnic at the park? Skip the lounging and start a game of catch. The more the merrier!


15. Jump rope. This exercise burns 1,000 calories per hour. We’re not suggesting you jump rope for an hour, but 10 minutes twice a day or 30 minutes on the weekend can’t hurt.


These 15 fun exercises get your heart rate going and do not require you to step foot in the gym. Which will you try first?

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Erin Browner is a writer living in San Francisco. When she’s not chowing down on vegan baked goods (the Cheesy Chive Scone from Wholesome Bakery is her favorite), she’s on her yoga mat, loving her cats, or riding her bike through Golden Gate Park.

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